SATC and Italy Italy

Last night Jan took me to see Sex and the City. I thought it was good, but not brilliant. It was basically a 2 and a half hour version of one of the episodes. Itt went on far too long for my liking (after 2 hours I was wondering whether it would ever end!), but I suppose there were a few loose ends to be tied up. The ending was incredibly predictable (of course they were going to get married. It just wouldn’t be SATC without the happy ending). There were a few good one liners. I’m glad I saw, but don’t think I’ll be buying the DVD. And is it just me or does Sarah Jessica Parker look old?? I know she’s not in her 20s any more, but seriously, she’s looking haggard these days!

By the time the film finished we were starving, so we went to a restaurant called Italy Italy. Guess what kind of food they sell? I had some gorgeous lasagne with Bärlauch, which tells me can be translated as bear’s garlic, wood garlic or wild garlic. It’s green anyway, and yes slightly similar to garlic. Jan had a huuuge pizza thing. It was one with the filling in the middle, so I was expecting something like a calzine (normal pizza folding in half) but what turned up was this huuuuge round thing with an inflated bit in the middle where the filling was. It kind of looked like a flying saucer made from pizza dough. Interesting. It must have been huge cos even Jan couldn’t eat it all! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him leave food on his plate in the whole 4 and a bit years we’ve been together. So to sum up, Italy Italy in Karlsruhe does very nice meals with huge portions at reasonable prices. Aah, I shoud be a restaurant critic (hahaha).