Why go halfway round without ever dicovering my own country?

I know so many people who have saved up to take what they described as “a trip around the world”. Except it wasn’t really. None of them went to Russia. Or any part of Africa. I suppose the fact that Australia was involved means they technically did travel across the world, but you don’t see many countries while sitting in an aeroplane! Personally, I’ve never understood the appeal of such far-flung places. Yes, it’s an adventure. And the photos I’ve seen of Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and the like are all beautiful. But why would I want to fly all the way to Sri Lanka when I’ve never even popped across the channel to Ireland? Or go out of my way to visit the Taj Mahal when I’ve never seen the Colloseum in Rome? Is a perfect sandy beach in Greece somehow inferior to one in New Zealand purely because the flight to get there is only 3 or 4 hours rather than 24? I think not! Not that I have any problem with people wanting to see the world. All other cultures are interesting, and can definitely see how a trip to India would be amazing! But personally I would prefer to get to know what’s on my own doorstep than focus all my energy on getting to places that are as far away and exotic as possible. The first item on my list of places I want to visit is the Ukraine, because my Grandad was from there, closely followed by Sweden and Norway. And I also want to go to Austria again (read that last one carefully… it’s the one without the kangaroos 😉 ). The one exception is Canada, which I’ve wanted to visit for a while.  Right now, though, I’m concentrating on seeing as much of Germany as I can. It is my chosen home, after all, and my little corner of Baden-Württemberg is far from all there is to it. Deutschland, here I come!