Money makes the world go round

Why does everything have to be so expensive? I wanted to go to Hamburg at the end of this month to visit my friend Claire. Jan agreed it was a nice idea – he also has a friend in Hamburg who he wouldn’t mind visiting. I wrote to Claire asking if that weekend would be ok, she replied that it would be and we’re welcome to sleep on her floor…. then I went to the Air Berlin website and found out that the price has gone up. Now a return flight will cost 208 euros per person. I can’t afford to spend 208 euros because a) I am intern and I don’t earn much money to start with and b) I may be unemployed next month, which means I have to save up as much money as possible so that I will at least be able to pay the rent. Jan has a proper job and earns proper money. This means he can afford to take himself to Hamburg, but he can’t pay for me as well. So… no trip to Hamburg, unless I can figure out a way to get my hands on 200 euros by the end of this week. Ideas anyone?