It’s the little things…

Happy Face
Photo: israelavila

Most of the time, it doesn’t take much to make me happy. Seeing the bunnies that occasionally appear on the grass verge by the train station in the town where I work. A colleague bringing in a tub of  sweets for everyone. A rainbow. Eating a packet of Flamin’ Hot Monster Munch that a friend sent me all the way from England (every time a friend sends me a package it contains junk food. Funny that…)

Here are some things that have made me smile this week:

Positive feedback from a normally hard to please customer
Being able to see out of the window on my train journey home
The pork enchiladas I made for tea the other night. They were delicious (and yes, I am blowing my own trumpet ;-))
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My new socks

How could anyone fail to smile in the face of multi-coloured stars?
How could anyone fail to smile in the face of multi-coloured stars?

Newcastle United winning their Europa League match against Metalist Kharkiv (which sounds more like a rock band than a football team) and getting through to the final 16
Seeing a large, tough looking man tenderly cuddling a Dachshund puppy
This picture:

time fliesWhich is available here: as an art print and can also be printed on a T-shirt. I need to own that T-shirt!
The fact that somebody found my blog by searching for Squirrel likes nutella. Yes, squirrel does like Nutella! And I have the proof ->

What has made you smile this week? Let’s spread some happiness!


Positive feedback and the Deutsche Post

Today, I received feedback for a translation I did back in January. When I saw the e-mail, I immediately suspected the worst – this customer has never once had anything nice to say about any of my translations…. until today! The feedback was positive!

Foam Letter S
Photo credit: Leo Reynolds

In other news, nearly two weeks ago I sent a package to my friend in Luxembourg for her birthday… or so I thought. It turns out the box I was reusing still had Jan’s work address on the bottom. Today, it turned up there, despite the fact that a) the date on the sticker was obviously ages ago and b) surely someobody at Deutsche Post should have noticed that the barcode was expired and the package had already been stamped with a postmark in January. Apparantly not. So now Jan has my friend’s birthday present. And what I would also like to know is why it took nearly two weeks for a package to make its way from Karlsruhe city centre to where Jan works, also in Karlsruhe? I could walk the distance in half an hour! It brings a whole new meaning to the term  snail mail…