The mystery of the disappearing Christmas card

Why on car
Why on car (Photo credit: openpad)

Last weekend, I wrote and sent a whole pile of Christmas cards.
This morning I got a message from my mum: “Received empty envelope from you. Did you forget to put the card in?” I wrote all the cards then had Jan sign them, after which I distinctly remember taking each card and placing it in its correct envelope (which I had previously addressed). At the end, no cards were left over, and since I had opened each card to compare the name inside with the name on the envelope it’s unlikely that one card ended up inside another so that two went in the same envelope. No stray cards have turned up here since, either. Nevertheless, my mum has no card. My brother’s, which went to the same address, has arrived perfectly fine. So where is my mum’s card?

Did the envelope somehow come open en route and lose its card only for some good samaritan at the post office to seal it again (without noticing that the envelope was, in fact, empty)? Does my mum have a postman with a fetish for cards with other people’s names on? In which case, why did my brother’s arrive… did the postman not like his name? Why would anyone steal a Christmas card… that’s all that was in the envelope. No money, no chocolate – just a card with a pretty picture on the front. Am I being censored? And if so, what exactly do they think “Hope 2013 is the best year ever!” is code for? It’s a mystery!

All that, for me?

For the first time ever I arrived home today to find my mailbox full of stuff for me. Usually I only find things for the 4 people I share it with. It’s very exciting – almost like Christmas! There’s:

* a book I ordered from Amazon for myself,
* a book I ordered from Amazon for my friend’s baby son’s Christmas present,
* some photos that I finally got round to sending off for printing, and
* something (a present) for Jan and I from his sister (Thank youuuuu Frauke! I don’t know what it is yet, but thank you anyway).

Now I just need to work on a way to get a mailbox full of stuff without having to order most of it myself 😉