The “ultimate” game

I played frisbee this afternoon. No, not standing around in a circle throwing a plastic disc. Ultimate frisbee. Basically the aim is to get the frisbee from one end of the field to the other. The person with the frisbee isn’t allowed to move but has to look for a member of his team to pass to. Once the team have reached the other end of the field they need to catch the frisbee in the “end zone” to score a point. Obviously the other team aren’t just standing around while all this is happening. Their job is to try and get the frisbee back so that they can have a go at trying to score aa point. It’s a non-contact sport, so no taking the frisbee out of each other’s hands allowed, but they can try to catch it, knock it to the ground and just generally get in the way of the person trying to get the frisbee. So really you spend 90% of the game trying desperately to get free of your marker and only 10% catching and throwing the frisbee (which under official rules is called a disc by the way). We played for about an hour and a half. That’s a lot of running! Especially when you have a cold. I spent the first 15 minutes of the game barely able to breathe. Things got better later on though and I actually had fun. Despite the fact that I haven’t played for at least half a year I did reasonably well. My throwing wasn’t completely off, I managed a few good catches and unusually I was marking someone I could actually vaguely keep up with. Plus it gave me a chance to get some much needed exercise. I bet I’ll be aching all over tomorrow though. A long hot shower shall be in order tonight methinks.

And now I need to go and collect me tea from the oven. I’ve made a yummy looking potato bake with lots of grated cheese on top. After all, what’s the point of exercising if you’re not going to treat yourself to something nice and fattening afterwards? 😉


Big fat pig

I must admit I’m totally fascinated by the things type into Google. Yesterday, for example, someone found my blog by asking the question “How do I make my crap smell worse?”. Why?? Surely pooh smells bad enough without people trying to make it worse! And what would a person hope to achieve with that anyway? It’s all very strange.

I’m sure my belly has expanded to double its usual size. I’ve just had a massive dinner. I made an Aldi potato bake thing, adding my own bacon bits, herbs and cheese. Usually Jan and I would have one between us, but as he’s not here I had to eat it all on my own. I’ve had to undo the button on my trousers cos I was feeling so uncomfortable. Basically I’m just a fat pig… or rather a pig who should be fat. Somehow I’ve managed to stay skinny up to now, which is amazing, but I shall have to start doing some exercise soon or I’ll blow up like a balloon.

Right, I have to go and do something about my room now. The mess is slowly starting to take over. It’s my crap housewife gene getting the better of me again!
Oh, and speaking of being housewifey… I’m looking for a recipe that involves coconut milk and fresh ginger Would anyone like to recommend one?