New Year’s Resolutions I didn’t make this year but probably should have…

  • Try to be in bed (with lights out) by 10:30pm at least once a week.
  • Stop spending 3-4 hours every evening reading blogs and facebooking them complaining you never have time to do anything
  • Get some exercise – and no the moring walk to the tram stop does not count.
  • Do something with your weekends that doesn’t involve the internet (admittedly I went food shopping and tidied my room – including hoovering – this weekend but that isn’t quite the kind of activities I meant).
  • Stop eating so much junk food before you turn into a giant chocolate bar and get munched to death by someone even greedier than you. Might teach you a lesson if that did happen though. Ha!
  • Do laundry more often.
  • Eat more some small amount of fruit.