Short and sweet

I shouldn’t be on here. Jan and I are going away tomorrow, not to England this time but to another part of Germany. We’re invited to a wedding on Saturday, so I’ve taken half a day off work (hooray for flexi-time!) and we’re travelling up tomorrow afternoon. There are a million things I have to do before we go, and it’s already 10:40pm. Looks like it’s going to be a long night (and I have to be up at 6. Eeep!) The dishes need doing, there’s rubbish to be taken down and I’ve only packed half of my stuff. But I couldn’t leave without writing a blog post, could I?
And now I have. So I’ll finish eating my baked potato and get back to sorting things out…


Oh weekend, how do I love thee

This has been a long week. OK, officially it’s been the same length as every other week. It seemed much, much longer though. Who invented 5 day working weeks anyway? I would love to track whoever it was down and shoot him! (It has to have been a him, surely no woman would have come up with anything so insane?)

So yesterday was Friday. The end of the week. A night for meeting up with friends, having a few drinks and planning the weekend ahead. At least I seem to remember that’s what Friday evenings were meant to be like. I wouldn’t know. Last night, having tidied the living room (an event that practically deserves a blog post of its very own. Or a fanfare at least) I was in bed by 10:45. Not even in bed reading either – although that was what I had intended to do. I picked up some new books from my local bookcrossing zone last weekend and I was looking forward to getting started on Two Caravans. But I was too exhausted to even write a blog(!!) so it was straight out with the lights. I think I need a holiday. As in some actual time off work, not just a weekend away. Paris was nice but it wasn’t particularly relaxing.

God, it’s 25 past 10. Where does the time go? And I have so much to do this morning. Wash dishes (which have been sitting there since Tuesday!), finally post the present for my friend’s baby who was born 3 weeks ago! Make cakes for Fest at my old student residence this afternoon (will explain that later when I have more time), take out the rubbish which is staring at my accusingly even as I type. Washing – handwashing no less, for I have no washing machine and the boyfriend is in bloody America. Aaargh, so much to do! See, this is why 5 day weeks are a bloody crap idea!

Getting there

Work was ok today. We had more offers training but this time I managed to do everything right. It’s actually pretty routine stuff once you know how (except the stuff I did yesterday I have never had to do before so there was no way I could have known what to do). But when the boss is sitting watching it’s actually quite difficult to remember everything. I get so nervous. Silly really, but there you go.  This evening I had to stay 15 minutes longer because I have Spanish tomorrow and need to leave early. Usually I just come in early on Wednesday mornings but because the boss isn’t always there on Wednesdays it is apparantly a bad day for me to come in early (because that means his wife has to be there to let me in). Today my colleague was staying later because she had to leave for 20 minutes this morning to go to the doctors, and she has a key so I could stay late as well.

I’ve actually managed to make an appointment with the bank as well! This morning I went on the website to see if they had any online form you could fill in for making appointments. I didn’t find anything like that, but did discover an email address so I wrote them a mail and when I got home today I had a reply. I asked for an appointment on Monday, as late as possible, but it seems the latest appointment would be at 3:30pm, which would really mess things up for work. They’ve offered me one at 5pm on Thursday so I’ve written back accepting. Hopefully it hasn’t been given to someone else in the meantime. It will mean leaving work an hour early (normally we’re there til 5:15pm) to get back on time for it, but hopefully it will be possible to make that hour up somehow. I’ll probably have to come in at 8am on two other days or something. 8am! I feel tired just thinking about it 😦 (it means getting the 7am tram) but it has to be done I guess. At least then everything will be sorted and it will hopefully be a long time before I have to go to the bank again. If only they didn’t close at 4pm on Fridays it would have been no problem – we finish at 4pm then!

I actually seem to be getting somewhere with packing as well. At least my shelves are looking a lot emptier now. Almost all of the books are sorted – a lot of them are even already over there, stacked up on the living room windowsill due to lack of any actual furniture at the new place. Mostly it’s just clothes and things that need packing now, and all the breakable stuff like cups and glasses. Oh, and I need to finish taking down my posters as well. And empty the desk drawers. OK, so there’s still quite a bit to be done. But at least I’m a bit further along than I was…

Anyway, I must go now. It’s 5 to 8 and I haven’t even got round to eating anything yet. So much to do…

I blame it on stress…

I feel ill today. Actually it all started when I woke up with a sore throat yesterday. I managed to forget about it for most of the day though in all the excitement of sorting out flat stuff. The soreness came back in the evening though, after Jan left. This morning it was no worse, but no better either, and I’ve been cold all day despite the fact that it’s a beautifully warm day. I’m also aching all over and my head feels like it wants to float away. And, just to add to my woes, I’ve discovered a patch of eczema on my hand. Usually I only get eczema when I’m stressed or if I use a product that I’m allergic to, and since I haven’t used anything new lately I’m going with the stress option.

So why am I stressed you ask? Well, apart from the whole money thing (pleeease let my pay go in before the rent goes out!) there’s the fact that I’m moving in six days and yet anyone entering my room for the first time could be forgiven for thinking I haven’t even started packing yet. I’ve no idea when I’m supposed to get it all done either considering I have to work this week and I never get home before 6:30pm, ever. And that’s when I come straight home – if I have to go shopping or something it’s usally somewhere between 7 and 7:30. Except on Fridays when I finish early. And, to add to all that, I have stuff to do for uni. First of all there’s a practice translation potfolio due in tomorrow. I have done most of the actually translating part but still need to type it up, write an analysis (this text appeared in blah blah and has a target audience of such and such. The style of writing is such and such) and commentary (what problems I had when translating the text. Why I chose to translate particular things the way I did). That’s not soo bad though, it’s only a practoce. I should at least hand something in though as I completely missed the last one. But if it’s not finished the world will not end. Noo, that’s not a major problem. What is a major problem is the actual assessed piece of coursework, due on 20th March. Yes, that is 20 days away, I know. The problem is for most of those 20 days I am going to be without internet which kind of makes finding a text to translate online a little difficult. And I also have to find other texts to put into the portfolio. And the dictionary I usually use to translate is also an online one. I do have a very good paper dictionary, but it doesn’t have a forum where I can get help with particularly strange phrasing. Neither does it have Google to define words I’ve never heard of and show me pictures to help me figure out what’s going on. So I basically need to try and get everything but the translation difficulties part of that done by Saturday morning as well. And those are just the major things that need doing in. Add in all the normal every day things (like trying to get all my laundry done before I move out as it will be a while before I can afford a washing machine plus actually finding time to eat, shower breathe…) and you have one very busy Bev on your hands.  Soo I think I have good reason to be stressed out. No wonder I’m not feeling brilliant!

On a brighter note some of you may remember my Happiness is… blog from a few weeks ago. It was part of a competition by Odette, aka Little Miss Firefly and I actually won! Yep, mine was the first name to be picked out of the hat… metaphorically speaking anyway. Actually she used to pick the winners, I just thought the hat thing sounded good. Anyway, enough waffling. Go check out Odette’s blog to see what I won. And in the meantime I shall get back to my attempts to translate and pack at the same time…

I aten’t dead

I am exhausted though. Is it really only Wednesday? I feel like I’ve already lived through an entire week and I still haven’t managed to get through everything on my to do list.
Our work Christmas meal was cancelled so instead I did my Spanish homework last night and then went to the Christmas market with Jan and his friends. Tonigh I have Spanish until 9pm and tomorrow my floor is having their Christmas party. This doesn’t leave me much time for sorting out my room, wrapping presents (still not finished with that!), getting my last few Christmas cards written and posted and packing for England.
You can see why I haven’t managed to get everything done (or write any blogs this week – I wonder if anyone noticed I was gone?).

Only today and tomorrow left. I can do this…..