Friday letters

Is it just me or is autumn going by really fast? I know it’s only mid-October and officially autumn will last a while longer, but over the last few days it’s gone cold here and I can sense winter rearing its ugly head already! Oh well, at least the sun’s out today so I won’t have to force myself to go for a walk in the rain like I did yesterday. Anyway, letters…

postboxDear wrist. I’m not sure why you hurt (although holding the tablet seems to aggravate you so that could be a clue?), but you need to stop it. I have many cards to cross stitch and right now stitching for long stretches hurts!

Dear patterned tights. You know what would be nice? If your patterns actually went all the way up! When the end of my skirt/dress is reached and then there’s a block of plain black (or whatever) before the pattern starts looks really odd! And the dresses I wear aren’t that short… mostly.

Dear autumn leaves. You’re so pretty! I wish you weren’t all falling down already – although the trees in the courtyard outside my flat are still looking rather glorious in yellow and orange.

Dear birds. Now the cold is setting in, we’re planning on buying a feeder for our balcony very soon. I hope you’ll come and visit once we do!

Dear Sherlock. No wonder your seasons are so short – those episodes are long! You’re the reason I got nothing done between making tea and going to bed last night!

Dear old home. Sorry to hear you’ve lost your best Irish pub. Honestly, you move away and everything goes to pot 😉

Right, must get back to work now. Happy Friday and have a great weekend everyone!