Interview time again

In roughly four hours I have another job interview. Starting to feel a little nervous now, although not as nervous as I was before the last one. Maybe it’s because I’ve had more practice now, or maybe it’s pecause I’ve already translated a text for the company, which obviously can’t have been done too badly otherwise they wouldn’t want me to come in and meet them… right?

The cottage pie I cooked last night seemed to go down well. Even the vegetarian one wasn’t bad. I’ve never made anything with soya mince before so I was very impressed with myself. It didn’t taste much like cottage pie but it tasted ok. The meat one on the other hand did taste like cottage pie, which is good. For the first time ever in the history of our floor cooking meals for each other there was nothing left over. It seems I judged the amounts perfectly. Yay me! The only thing I didn’t judge perfectly was the timing… I said we would eat at 8pm, the vegetarian cottage pie was ready at 8:45pm, followed by the first meat one at 5 past 9. Ooops! Not my fault though, I couldn’t have started any earlier – I didn’t finish work til six!

Right, I’m off to see if the shower’s free yet (so annoying having to share 2 showers between 16 people!)
Wish me luck for the job interview!