I had to go in to town yesterday to take photos for a blog post that will be coming up later this week. Next to the castle, I spotted this little group standing in some sand:

Schlosspark boars
Random boars at Karlsruhe’s castle

I’m not usually at that side of the castle, so I’ve no idea how long they had been there or how permanent they are. And there was no sign or anything to tell me what they’re for… Art? Something for children to play on? Your guess is as good as mine! They did make me smile though, so their presence clearly wasn’t wasted 😉


A gaggle of geese…

As I walked past the zoo on my way home from work yesterday, I happened to glance up as I was passing a gate through which you can see inside. Most of the visitors had left by that time, and I expected the path I could see through the gate to be deserted, but I was wrong! In the distance, I saw these guys walking along:

zoo geese

I wonder what they were chatting about?