The stitches are gone!

I keep wanting to refer to my stitches as threads, because that’s what they’re called in German and it’s what I’ve been saying to friends and colleagues here all week. Come on brain, don’t forget your English!

Well, the stitches are gone. Part of one thread (well, it’s more like wire really) actually fell out in the tram on the way to my appointment. I told the surgeon, and he said “It’s as if it knew!”.

Overlock 1-thread
I much prefer this kind of stitches (Photo: Wikipedia)

The surgeon was most uncommunicative, as he has been pretty much the whole time. Getting information out of him is like getting blood form a stone! I told him about the weird pulling sensation, and he just asked “Is it getting worse?” I said no, and that it also wasn’t painful (which it wasn’t) and he was like “well, should be okay then” and started coming at me with his implements. I then said my colleague had mentioned that she had the same thing and it seemed to get better once the stitches were out, to which he said “well, let’s get them out then!” Impatient much?! The pulling went fairly quickly, but it stung! He could have warned me before he started snipping around in my mouth!

Once it was done, Mr. surgeon said “right, that’s it. We’ll inform your Hausarzt (like a GP) what’s been done. Oh, and come back in three months so we can have another look at the wounds”.  “Umm, can I eat everything again now?” I asked. “Yes, everything’s just as before now. Have a good evening!” Anyone else getting the feeling he wanted me to hurry up and leave? Well, leave I did. Made my appointment for three months time and got out of there.

Three months seemed like kind of a long time, but I googled and apparantly that’s how long it takes for the wounds to be fully healed (although you don’t have to follow the wisdom tooth diet for all that time… thank goodness! After three months, I think I would literally have starved to death!). The Internets say after three weeks repair tissue will have filled the socket – I guess I’ll just have holes in my mouth until then – and in three months new bone will have formed in the socket. And presumably the new bone is what he wants to look at in three months…

Hopefully now swallowing will start to get less annoying!

Day 6 – I just want to eat!

I am now on day 6 since the removal of the wisdom teeth and all I want to do is be able to eat normally again! The lack of decent meals is driving me insane! Here’s an update on my condition:


Yesterday, I was actually pretty pain free until about 4:30 pm. I even managed a raspberry yoghurt drink thing for lunch. I finish work at 5, so I decided tojust endure it for the last half hour. Once I got to the train station, I bought a cold bottle of water and used that to cool my cheek for a while, and the pain was almost gone by the time the train arrived. I think all the talking I’d had to do had worn me out and my mouth just needed to rest. I took a painkiller for bed, but one of the less strong ones and it actually worked until morning.

Today, the pain was bearable enough that, if it had been a weekend, I would have dealt with it using ice and sleep. But because I had to go to work, I took a painkiller. In terms of pain, things are definitely getting better.


English: Mashed potatoes with butter and chives.
Mashed potatoes… food of the Gods! (Photo: Wikipedia)

Swallowing is still incredibly uncomfortable – it’s this that’s preventing me from eating. Last night, I managed an entire bowl of mashed potatoes/carrots with gravy. With everything else I’ve eaten, I’ve given up after a while, but I was starving and mashed potatoes with gravy is one of my favourite things in the whole world, so I persevered. I kept trying different ways to swallow and eventually discovered that if I moved the food as far back in my mouth as possible then swallowed with my mouth open I could get it down without moving my cheeks. Luckily Jan had text to say he’d be late and to go ahead and eat so nobody had to witness the disgustingness of me swallowing with my mouth open! Sadly, this trick doesn’t seem to be working today. Swallowing is no longer painful, but it’s very, very uncomfortable/weird. With every swallow, it feels like either the stitches on the right are being pulled out or the wound is being pulled open, which makes me terrified to eat at all. It’s bad enough that I keep having to swallow saliva! My colleague told me she had the same thing and it stopped after the stitches came out, so hopefully this part will be over by Friday (stitches come out on Thursday evening).

What I’m looking forward to

– Regaining the ability to chew
– Being able to swallow without panicking about reopening a wound
– A proper meal, with different food groups
– Being able to brush my teeth properly
– Biting into something… anything. I don’t care if it’s a sandwich or a bar of chocolate, I just wanted to take an actual bite out of something
– No more pain killers!

It is now lunch time, and I should really eat the cup a soup I brought to work with me, but having taken nearly two hours to drink a mango lassi I’m not sure I can bring myself to start on the soup yet. When I’m not trying to swallow, I actually feel almost normal now. If only I could insert food directly into my stomach…