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The tagline of my blog is “Just a place to gather my thoughts”, and that’s how it started out – as I place for me to write down everything I was thinking and thus get it out of my brain (it’s crowded in there you know!). Lately, I seem to have moved away from that, but occasionally I still need to get rid of my thoughts before they drive my crazy, spinning around in my head. It’s not that all my thoughts are bad… there are just too bloody many of them! So here’s a brain dump, with apologies to those who don’t like blog posts in the form of bullet point lists.


  • I had loads of plans for when my boyfriend was away, including get back on track with healthy eating/exercise and giving the flat a proper clean and tidy while I could be sure it wouldn’t be cluttered again within hours. Instead, I’ve spent most of my time lounging in front of the TV and eating crap. I suspect the next few evenings are going to be busy – and not in a good way!
  • Christmas shopping is HELL! I have a drawer full of gifts, yet the only people I’ve completely finished buying for are Jan (sort of – more on that later), my youngest brother and my godson. For everyone else, I’m either waiting on deliveries or clueless! And every year I seem to have more people to buy for. Could everyone please stop reproducing already?!
  • I wish people wouldn’t suddenly stop in the middle of the street. Do they seriously not realise they’re in the way? The same goes for groups of people who take up the entire pavement and walk reeeeally slowly. Some of actually want to get where we’re going, you know! And while I’m ranting… what is it with people stopping immediately after getting off the escalator? Don’t they realise the people behind them can’t stop? Sorry, but if you do that and I then crash into you, you only have yourself to blame!
  • Because Jan was away for the start of December, I’ve decided to make this year’s advent calendar a mini one. Instead of going from 1st-25th December, he’s getting one more expensive gift for 1-8 December, ordinary advent calendar gifts from 9th-20th December then another slightly more expensive one for 21st-25th December. Unfortunately, so far I’ve bought the first more expensive gift and a grand total of two ordinary ones. Did I mention he gets back on Sunday?…

    I want this advent calendar! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • I truly enjoy my job (and HATED being unemployed) but the thought of working pretty much non-stop for the next 40 years (with the occasional holiday in between) is seriously depressing! And yes, I’m aware that in 40 years I’ll be 70, but Germany is planning to put the retirement age up to 67 by 2029… if you seriously think it won’t have gone up even further by the time I reach that age you’re seriously deluded!
  • I’m pleasantly surprised that my train to work has been running smoothly so far this month. Usually, the minute December hits it all goes horribly wrong. Admittedly it hasn’t actually snowed yet, but still…
  • I appear to have become slightly addicted to Advent prize draw things (the kind where you just click on that day’s number then fill in a form with your name and address). So far I haven’t won anything though… How many websites do I have to visit each day before I get a prize?
  • I’m actually looking forward to making Christmas dinner for my friends next weekend, even though it’s a lot of work. Still need to think of a starter though. If anyone has any ideas, please send them my way!


That’s all from me. Is there anything you would like to get off your chest? (Or out of your brain, as the case my be…)



The best laid plans…

I wanted to get an early night tonight. It was part of my getting ready to fly to England on Friday preparation. The plan went something like this:
Take the 5:35 train back from work, quickly go into town and buy some kind of hair decoration plus some earrings for Saturday, get home, check my e-mail, facebook, read a couple of blogs, make some food, get into bed at a reasonable time ready to wake up ridiculously early tomorrow so I can catch the early train, meaning I get to leave work earlier and thus have lots of time to pack, sort out the flat, take out the rubbish, clean the fridge and all those other little jobs that always need doing before you go away somewhere. (Wow, do you think that sentence was long enough?!)

It was all fine up until the arriving home part. Then the following happened:
– I made a cup of tea, forgot about it and am now drinking it cold.
– My grandma phoned when I was about to start cooking
– I found out the cheese steaks I wanted to make for dinner went out of date yesterday. I discovered I had nothing that would do as a replacement. I decided yesterday wasn’t too long ago and we should still be fine.
– I called Jan at 5 past 8, he told me he would be leaving work in 20 minutes and should be here in 40. I called him again at 9:30 to ask him how to cook the dumplings that I’m making to go with the cheese steaks. He told me he was about to leave work. It’s now 9:40. He’s just walked in the door. I’m starting to think his work has something against us…

I have to go now before the cheese burns. That would just be the icing on this incredibly bad cake, wouldn’t it?