The best laid plans…

I wanted to get an early night tonight. It was part of my getting ready to fly to England on Friday preparation. The plan went something like this:
Take the 5:35 train back from work, quickly go into town and buy some kind of hair decoration plus some earrings for Saturday, get home, check my e-mail, facebook, read a couple of blogs, make some food, get into bed at a reasonable time ready to wake up ridiculously early tomorrow so I can catch the early train, meaning I get to leave work earlier and thus have lots of time to pack, sort out the flat, take out the rubbish, clean the fridge and all those other little jobs that always need doing before you go away somewhere. (Wow, do you think that sentence was long enough?!)

It was all fine up until the arriving home part. Then the following happened:
– I made a cup of tea, forgot about it and am now drinking it cold.
– My grandma phoned when I was about to start cooking
– I found out the cheese steaks I wanted to make for dinner went out of date yesterday. I discovered I had nothing that would do as a replacement. I decided yesterday wasn’t too long ago and we should still be fine.
– I called Jan at 5 past 8, he told me he would be leaving work in 20 minutes and should be here in 40. I called him again at 9:30 to ask him how to cook the dumplings that I’m making to go with the cheese steaks. He told me he was about to leave work. It’s now 9:40. He’s just walked in the door. I’m starting to think his work has something against us…

I have to go now before the cheese burns. That would just be the icing on this incredibly bad cake, wouldn’t it?