Always take the weather with you?

brainstorm (Photo credit: Graela)

Yesterday afternoon, while I was at work, the sky suddenly went incredibly dark. The next minute, the heavens opened – I’m talking torrential downpour! Then the thunder and lighting started. Hail came next, followed by snow; proper big flakes that actually stuck. All the while it was still thundering. Then the storm stopped, as quickly as it had come. The sun briefly poked out from behind the clouds and all the snow melted.

Around eight hours later, I was in Karlsruhe at the pub quiz when it started thundering. Within seconds, it went from drizzling a little to full on torrential rain. This was followed by snow (I’m not sure about hail). By the time the quiz ended and we went home, the rain had stopped, it had warmed up considerably and most of the snow had been washed away (although there was still some on the cars).

Apparantly the weather followed me home from work yesterday. Do you think maybe labelling the image I put on my last Friday letters post “All the weather” was tempting fate?

Must watch video!

I disappeared for a while. Did anyone notice I wonder? I was planning on posting about the rest of my sister’s visit, but then I got busy. And after that I turned 29 (ugh, ugh, ugh!) and went to Stockholm for a week. We just got back on Tuesday evening. I still plan on writing about the remainder of my sister’s visit, plus my trip to Stockholm plus an idea I’ve had about visiting 30 German towns before I turn 30, but right now I have no time. I did want to share this video with you though. We saw this Slovenian Jazz choir last week in Stockholm. In this video they are performing Africa and I LOVE the way they do the tunderstorm hat the beginning! The singing was actually better when we saw them – but the video is from 2008 so I guess they’ve had time to practice 😉 But anyway, try to ignore that and concentrate on the absolute genius that is the storm. Enjoy!