Friday letters – back online!

Well, my silence didn’t last for long… did you really think it would with a computer scientist for a boyfriend? He had already ordered a new router before I even knew the old one was broken! The replacement is bigger and has lots of bright, multi-coloured lights. I pity the next person who has to sleep in our spare room…


Dear K. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a spectacularly fabulous day.

Dear hot water bottle. You are quite possibly my favourite Christmas present. How did I ever get to sleep in winter without you?

Dear fellow train passenger. I really did not appreciate choking on your aftershave first thing this morning! Smelling nice is good; smelling like you’ve bathed in the stuff less so!

Dear healthy eating. You will be going out the window later on… today is the day we eat raclette at work for lunch! (For those who don’t know, that means cheese. Lots and lots and lots of cheese!)

Dear 12 trips. I haven’t forgotten about you and I hope I’ll be making a few plans for the remaining months of the year soon!

Happy Friday everyone! Have a fabulous weekend.