Christmas dinner day 2014

Yesterday, I made a proper Christmas dinner for my friends, just like I do every year.

First, there was this:

Curried butternut squash and carrot soup
Curried butternut squash and carrot soup

Then there was this (with apologies for the horrible blurriness of the photo… my camera has given up the ghost and apparently I cannot use Jan’s AT ALL!)

Round 1!
Round 1!

Here, you see mashed potato, mashed sweet potato (courtesy of the lovely K), salsify in a Bechamel sauce (thnaks to my neighbour!), roast potatoes, bread sauce, turkey, pigs in blankets, spicy sausage meat stuffing and carrots roasted in cider vinegar and honey with a few chilli flakes. Aaand of course, gravy (real English Bisto!). Not pictured (because I don’t eat it!): broccoli.

Finally, there was this, made by my friend P:

Some kind of dessert made using black bread and rum (it was very nice!) and tri-coloured jelly, which I didn’t eat any of because I was just tooooo full!

Delicious! And, as usual, there are enough leftovers for Jan and I to have Christmas dinner all over again. Score!
I shall leave you with a photo of the turkey, which came out pretty well even if I do say so myself.

Christmas dinner 2014