Quick, before the blackout arrives…

Those of you who like to keep an eye on your blog’s statistics – and especially on your search terms – may have noticed that the number of terms actually getting through are becoming fewer and fewer. Instead, we are left with the ominous sounding “unknown search term”. This is because Google have started to encrypt most of their search terms, so instead of letting websites know what people were actually lookin for when they found then, Google now simply says “This Internet user found you via us but we’re not telling you how. ner ner ne ner ner” Here’s an example from my stats on a typical day. Note the ratio of actual search terms to the oh so useful “unknowns”:

search terms

Obviously there was only one thing to be done… I had to write another search terms post while there are still some there to write about! (By the way, searches via Bing and Yahoo apparantly still get through… but who actual searches using either of them?!)

Here are some of the best search terms that have found me over the past 30 days. Slim pickings I’m afraid… I suspect Google is keeping all the good ones to itself!

Naked at our age


WordPress “a rubbish experience”

If you’re talking about the new reader I wholeheartedly agree!

What does Aldi bucks fizz taste like?

Like any other Buck’s Fizz I should imagine. It’s orange juice and sparking wine pre-mixed, in a bottle. How spectacular can it possibly taste?!

What’s worse than sheep?

What could possibly be worse than this guy?
What could possibly be worse than this guy?

I can think of a few things. Killer scorpions perhaps. Or giant spiders…

How to dress Germany

First of all, you’re going to need a lot of fabric…

How to know you’re turning German

I thought you’d never ask! Check out my post, you know you’re turning German when…

A green banana cross stitch

Nope, sorry. The best I can offer you is a bunny dressed in green sitting in the moon.

Deutsche Bahn punctuality.

Hahahahaha! Errmm.. I mean.. yes, of course. Deutsche Bahn is always punctual. (Except on days with a y in them, that is…)

What do you need to make upside gingerbread men?

1. Gingerbread men. 2. Hands to turn them upside down…

That’s it I’m afraid. Not too exciting, really. Google is already spoiling my fun!