Bye bye weekend

It’s Sunday afternoon again. Almost time to return to work. As usual the weekend was far too short, seeming to go by in the blink of an eye. Does anyone else find it wrong that society expects to spend the majority of our lives at work? No wonder I have trouble looking motivated there – it feels like work is all I do! (Which brings us back to the needing a holiday thing, but that’s a topic for another day I think.)

Anyway, I was out again last night. A friend from Sweden was over visiting her boyfriend and they invited me to Vogelbräu, along with some other people from my building. Vogelbräu is a Brauhaus (brewhouse? Is there such a word in English?) which produces very nice beers. We sat outside, in an enclosed area with a roof and canvas tent style walls (the walls aren’t there in summer). They have heaters out there – those tall things that look a bit like lamp posts with an umbrella on the top. So it was lovely and warm despite the time of year. Later we had to come inside because they aren’t allowed to have people sitting out there after midnight.
It was a good night.

And now I have to go… the boyfriend has returned and he needs the computer.


Weekend activities

I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me. The group of friends that Jan went to uni with are having a kind of reunion in Karlsruhe. Most of them live here anyway, but we don’t see as much of them as we’d like, but others have moved away so they’ll be coming down.

It all starts tonight when Jan and I shall be cooking. Last year his friend Eff married a Japanese girl. I didn’t go to the wedding because it was on a Friday, 10 days after I started an internship. Not the best time to ask for a day off! Jan was there though. At some point during the evening all the guests played musical chairs (kids games at a wedding – strange people the Germans!). Whenever someone failed to get a chair and had to leave the game they were given a piece of paper with instructions on, some nice thing to do for the happy couple. Jan’s said “invite the bride and groom to your place in May 2008 and cook something nice for them.” Of course, Jan being Jan, he didn’t actually manage to invite them for dinner in May. So tonight he’s finally getting round to it. This means I’ll be going round to his place tonight to help him cook, and I’ll be staying the night (a fact that his flatmate wasn’t too pleased about but tough. it’s not just his flat!)

The cooking shall be followed tomorrow by an activity for all – karting. There were various options for things to do (I wanted to go paintballing but too many people said no to that. Boooo). The choice was eventually made for go karting, because it was the only indoor suggestion and the weather forecast doesn’t look good. So karting it is… my legs hurt just thinking about it!
The evening shall be spent recovering with a meal and some drinks at Vogelbräu, a local brewery, then on Sunday morning we’re all going for breakfast somewhere… location to be decided.

Phew. Lots going on. Told you it was going to be a busy weekend! So I’ll be back on Sunday evening to tell you all how it went.
In the meantime have a great weekend people.