A hairy problem

I may just have the most annoying hair in the world. The top part, close to the roots, tends to get greasy really quickly. The ends, on the other hand, get dry really easily. So shampoo for greasy hair is great for the top half of my hair but leaves everything from the middle down looking like straw. Auburn straw with split ends. And shampoo for dry, damaged hair leaves the bottom half of my hair silky smooth while the top half looks like explosion in a vegetable oil factory. It makes finding a good shampoo for me rather challenging, so I’m always pleased when I find one that’s just right.
Unfortunately, the just rightness never seems to last for long. I’ll use my new shampoo quite happliy for two or three months then BAM, my hair suddenly seems to become immune to it. I’ll wash my hair perfectly normally, rinse out all the shampoo and a few hours later my hair is so limp and greasy you’d think it hadn’t been washed for three days. It’s slightly strange and very, very annoying.

So last night as the boyfriend and I were going to bed he said to me “Didn’t you wash your hair this morning?” “Yeees,” I answered, suspecting I knew what was coming. “I thought so,” replied the boyfriend. “It’s just that it looks really greasy now.”
*Sigh* Time to find a new shampoo again methinks…