The never-ending week

You know how some weeks just seem to go on forever? Well, this is one of them. Is it really only Wednesday? I’ve only been back at work 3 days and I already feel like I could use a break. Mind you, I did end up staying for an extra half an hour yesterday because there was something urgent to be done. Then we had a floor meeting last night that started pretty much as soon as I got in and didn’t end until 10pm. This may explain a lot.

In case anyone’s wondering how the flat hunt is going my reply to you is “don’t ask”.
I tried to call the woman about the last one I looked at 4 times on Monday. Nobody answered, but three out of four times I got the answering machine. I left one message with my number – no call back. Yesterday I emailed the current tenants to ask if they know another way of contacting the woman. No reply. I tried calling again and left another message. Still no reply. It’s like a bloody conspiracy! So now I’ve given up and resumed my search. I can see this  going on for a while…


Saying nothing in many words

I don’t really have any particular point to make today (do I ever?), so I shall make this post a bullet pointy type list of whatever comes into my head, I think.

– I actually did something for uni last night, believe it or not. I downloaded the German text to be translated then, in the absence of a printer, copied it out by hand. The text is around 650 words long, I managed to write them all down without understanding a single one of them (okay, slight exaggeration. I did manage to get that the text is about all the money that’s been poured into building up East Germany and how it’s just not working). Hopefully by the time I get round to actually translating the text it will make more sense!

– Jan bought me Breakfast at Tiffany’s (the book) for Christmas and I finished reading it yesterday yesterday. It’s really good. Even better than the film, of which I am also a fan. I was kind of expecting that though – films are almost never as good as the book they’re based on. The main difference between the book and the film is the way they end. If you’re a fan of Hollywood happy endings don’t bother buying the book.

– I am ridiculously tired again, despite the fact that it’s only Tuesday. It may have something to do with the fact that I spent all day translating a 50 page user manual for some computer program. It was a very long day. Also, I still think employees should be given Wednesday off work. Who was it that decided we should work for 5 whole days in a row and only have 2 to recover anyway? And is he (I’m assuming it was a “he”) still alive? Cos if he is I’d like to track him down and kick him…

– My health insurance fund sent me a magazine. These people refuse to pay for my pill (that’s right Brits, there is no free contraception in Germany!) but they’re willing to waste money – not to mention trees – sending me magazines I will never read. Why?

– I just saw someone in Karstadt spend 303 euros on some wooden spoons and a set of pans. That means the pan set must have cost over 200. Is this normal?!? Also, the woman behind me in the queue asked the person at the till what the random vegetables she was buying were after they’d already been scanned in. Surely this is something you’d like to find out before you buy said vegetables?

That is all. I’m going for a shower now.

That time of week again…

It seems it’s Wednesday again. I’m not sure how mind – wasn’t it only just last Wednesday? Like right before I blinked my eyes? Hmm, well it seems the world is continuing to spin on its axis even if my brain can’t keep up and it is, indeed, Wednesday again. And that can only mean one thing… Question time!
Here we go.

1. Would I die if I boiled washing up liquid?
Yes, definitely. A horrible, painful death brought on by the poisonous fumes of evaporated washing up liquid. Either that or you’d be murdered by the next person to use the kettle. It’s just not worth it.

2. What is the name of my future boyfriend?
Ezekial Alexander Timothy Simmons. Whatever you do don’t call him Eats, or he may not be your future boyfriend after all…

3. Things to write about when bored.
– Purple monkeys
– Chocolate cake
– Spaghetti monsters
– The inhabitants of an imaginary island
– A haunted suitcase

4. How to get rid of a nervous headache.
Aww, the poor thing’s so nervous it had to hide inside your head. Try reading aloud to it from “The Little Book of Confidence”.

5. What to do if you miss the tram.
I suggest you panic. It’s what any sensible person would do. Alternatively you could learn to fly. Or just wait for the next one.

6. What to do when you’re bored of paper.
Go retro and start using a slate instead. They’re about due for a comeback anyway.

7. Is 25 still young enough to be naive?
I certainly hope not, cos if it is I’m screwed.
No, wait, not true. I’m not naive. At least I don’t think I am… am I?
I have to go and listen to the Kooks now – Naive is now playing inside my head and it sounds sooo much better when they do it!

That Wednesday feeling…

Jan stayed over last night, which was nice. Since he moved into his own flat I miss him. (For the record I live in a student residence – he used to live here too. It’s not like he moved out of our shared place or anything). As usual I got up before him today. I went for my shower and he snuggled up under the quilt and went back to sleep for 15 minutes. Lucky! Once I came back from the shower he managed to drag himself into a sitting position then sat there and moaned, so I asked what was the matter. His response: Just tired. Me: “I’m tried too, but I’m not sitting on the edge of the bed moaning.” Jan: “Well maybe I’m more tired than you?” How does that work when he was the one that kept waking me up last night grinding his teeth? Hmph! Later, when we were having breakfast, he came up woth the theory that grinding his teeth must mean he had a bad night, and that’s why he’s more tired. Becasue I only got woken up by him occasionally, whereas he slept badly all night. I told him if that was the case he would be really tired all the time. I asked him if he is tired all the time and he had to admit that no, he’s not actually. So much for that theory.

Of course, the real reason that we’re both tired is becasue it’s Wednesday. We’ve worked hard for 2 whole days and now we need a break. I don’t know about you, but where I work everyone is knackered by Wednesday morning. So my friend and I came up with a theory. Instead of all this workin week followed by weekend off lark we should work Monday and Tuesday, have Wednesday off to recover, work Thursday, Friday than have the weekend off as usual. It would be great. Obviously people would be much more productive and make less mistakes on Thursday and Friday after having a nice lie in on Wednesday. That would make employers happy. And the employees would be happy because they’d have an extra day for getting things done at home. It’s brilliant! Unfortunately I can’t see the bosses going for it…