Wet feet

It snowed again last night. Pretty much all evening in fact. But by the time we woke up this morning it was raining, which resulted in some lovely deep slush to wade through. Very pleasant. And just to mkae things even better, the boots I wear for work have now entirely given up on any pretense of being waterproof. By the time I got halfway across the carpark my socks were soaked. Not a good start to the day. And because the stuff that was soaking its way into my shoes was basically liquid ice my toes went numb. Mmm, nice. I’ve spent the whole day at work with wet feet. Seriously, they did not dry out at all in the entire 8 and three quarter hours I was there. Well, possibly they did dry slightly and my toes at least thawed out, but at no point today did I not have wet socks. I’m sure a whole day of cold wetness cannot be good for my poor feet. Hmm, maybe it’s time I invested in a new pair of shoes… or got my gorgeous Austria winter boots repaired. Or failing that Spring could just turn up – we are over halfway through February after all…

This is a bit of a crap blog post really isn’t it? Sorry about that; I’ve done so much work today that I think my brain has gone and switched itself off now.
I do have one bit of news, but I don’t really want to talk about it too much yet in case I jinx things….


I’m so not ready for the weekend to be over

Thoughts I’ve had so far this morning:

– Hmm, it’s snowed in the night. Looks like I’m going to get wet feet again.
– Crap, it’s quarter past and I haven’t even had breakfast yet.
– Why does the stupid toaster have to take so long to toast?
– Where’s my purse? I need my tram ticket.

Oh well, at least I slept fairly well last night.
Happy Monday everyone. *Sigh*

Finally over

Well after racking my brains for so long yesterday trying to come up with interesting things to be honest about yesterday inspiration seems to have deserted me today. I have absolutely nothing to write about. All I know is I’m soo glad it’s Friday! I think this may just have been the longest week ever. I actually thought I was going to fall alseep today… and that was before lunch time. I was sitting there reading my way through a contract and my eyes kept trying to fall closed. Not good. Then I spent the afternoon reading through the computer instruction type texts that I’ve been translating all week. I found hundreds of mistakes. Literally. Aaarggh! Other than that it has been an incredibly slow day. The phone rang exactly once, and even then it was someone to speak to the boss. You’d think having nothing much to do once in a while would be nice, but instead it’s just boring and makes the day seem never ending. I was actually relieved when the boss came in at 3:30 and said we might as well go home. It has also been chucking down with rain all day today, which led to the discovery that my boots, that I just had reheeled over Christmas, are apparantly no longer waterproof. My socks got wet on the way to catch the tram this morning and remained wet all day. Most uncomfortable. Pity my poor feet please.

There is one good thing about today though (apart from the fact that it’s Friday) – I’m off to look at a flat in an hour. Finally I feel like things are moving forward! Stay tuned for a detailed description of it (I bet you’re all really looking forward to that incredibly exciting post…)