Where did THAT come from?

horse bumI’ve always had a big bum. Not that I was ever fat – I’ve never gone above a size 12 in clothing – but even as a child I remember my mum making comments about, and once, when I was about 13, my granndma refused to buy me a pair of trousers because “They’ll make your bum look even bigger!”. At the time I was quite hurt, but I got over it and learned to live with my oversized behind. There are certain items of clothing that I need to avoid, and I’ll occasionally have a two-year old style sulk over some gorgeous dress that just looks awful with my body shape, but on the whole my bum and I have managed come to learn to get along over the years… or at least I thought we had.

The Crown Princess Bootytron
The Crown Princess Bootytron (Photo credit: JoeAlterio)

Getting out of the shower on Saturday, I caught sight of my reflection in the bathroom mirror and got a huge shock. As I said, my bum has always been on the large side, but now it’s completely out of proportion to the rest of my body! After heading to the bedroom to get dressed, I got my second bottom-related shock of the day. A skirt that I only bought last summer, and that I swear fit perfectly only a few weeks ago, had to be coaxed over my derrière centimeter by centimeter. Not cool, people! I like that skirt!

There’s only one thing for it… starting this week, I’m going to have to start getting my Jillian on again. I know I’ll never have a neat, sexy little bum, but I won’t give up my pretty skirts without a fight!