What’s going on, Weather Gods.

It rained all day yesterday. By the time I went to bed last night it was chucking it down.
It seems that at some point during the night the rain turned into snow. Not much as settled, mainly because the ground was one big puddle by that time, but there is a bit of white stuff on the grass. And it continues to snow.
Snow! In March! In the second warmest part of Germany!
What’s that all about?

Experiencing winter the Karlsruhe way

It snowed last night. I woke up this morning to find the world all white. Well, sort of white. It hadn’t snowed very much so there were still bits of grass peeping through, but at least it was snow – definitely an improvement on the sleet of yesterday afternoon. It’s nearly all gone now though, which is disappointing. Especially as it snowed all afternoon where I work. It’s only half an hour away and yet there it looks like a Christmas card while Karlsruhe is now just soggy and cold.

Actually I thought we’d already had our share of the white stuff for this year. Karlsruhe is one of the warmest places in Germany, so usually we get a tiny bit of snow at the beginning January (it lasts three days if we’re lucky and usually those three days are during the week so I can’t even go out and play in it thanks to other commitments. Boo hoo!). This year was already unusual. We had the obligatory beginning of the year snowfall in the first week of January, then after two days instead of the sun coming out the temperature suddenly dropped causing the snow – and the pond in the castle gardens – to freeze over. This meant the world stayed white for two whole weeks! I still couldn’t play in it though – once snow’s gone hard it tends not to be the best material for building a snowman. But I did get to perform my very own miracle, walking across the surface of the Schlosspark pond. I bet it’ll be a while before Karlsruhe gets that cold again!