The holiday season is officially over

The last of the Quality Street have been eaten, making way for healthy eating to resume, I’ve just taken down my Christmas decorations and tomorrow I’m back at work. Now it’s time for my New Year’s resolutions to begin in earnest. My days of sleeping late, lounging around watching DVDs and not seeming to do much of anything while still surprisingly getting a few things done are over for another year. Sure, there will be weekends, but from now on they will be used to try and cram in everything that I didn’t have time for during the week.


In theory, if I work for 8 hours and sleep for 8 hours, I still have a whole 8 hours of me time every single day. Once you take away the time spent getting ready for work, travelling there and back and the half an hour for my lunch break, the reality is a grand total of four hours. That’s four hours into which I have to cram shopping, doing my exercise DVD, cooking tea, eating tea, housework, blogging and reading other people’s blogs (admittedly I do some of that on my lunch break because I can at least get all the blogs I read to load on the work computer!) and anything else I want to do with my evenings.


All work and no play...
All work and no play… (Photo credit: tomten)


Work-life balance? Does not exist, in my opinion!



Sunday bloody Sunday

Isn’t it funny how Sundays are just so… Sundayish. There’s nowhere to go because – here in Germany at least – everything’s closed. Then from about twelve o’clock onwards there’s that vague feeling of dread hanging over everything you do that can only mean tomorrow is Monday and time to go back to work. Or maybe it’s just me that feels that? Anyway, the point is weekends are far too short. I love how people talk about a work-life “balance”. How can there possibly be any sort of balance when we’re expected to work for 5 days and relax for only two. Surely to achieve a balance there has to be the same amount on each side of the scale?

Anyway, enough complaining. What am I going to do with the rest of my Sunday afternoon?

Well, I made it through Monday…

I was dreading going to work this morning. Actually I feel I should write it like this: Dreading. With a capital D. I actually felt physically sick. I spent half my tram ride trying to figure out all the things I could possibly do wrong so I could make sure I didn’t do it. The only reason I didn’t spend the whole journey worrying is because by the time we got to the train station I’d managed to calm down enough to at least read my book.
Pathetic isn’t it? As it is I didn’t end up doing anything wrong… at least that I’m aware of. But then what do I know? Up until two weeks ago I thought I was doing well…

So, I didn’t get into any trouble at work today, but there has been a new rule intoduced.
Since I started my internship, they’ve let me go early on a Friday afternoon, usually around 4:30pm. Only if things were quiet, of course. Judging by the fact that everybody leaves then I assume it’s because they want to start the weekend early too. Today the bosses wife announced that from now on we will be closing at 4pm on Fridays, as long as there’s no urgent work that needs doing. But to make up for the lost time we are to stay until 5:15 every other day of the week. I haven’t quite decided what to make of this yet. Do you think it would be cynical of me to think they’re not just trying to be nice and give us an extra hour of weekend? Answers on the back of a copy of “Teach Yourself How to Read Your Bosses Mind” (OK, that one probably doesn’t exist but it really, really should).

I’m off to make tea now. Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with something new to talk about. ‘Cause I’m really not liking the way work is starting to take over this blog…
By the way, has anyone else have wondered why they call it work-life balance, as if work were a separate entity rather than just another part of life? I don’t know about you but I find that thought incredibly depressing.