Waking (you) up is hard to do

I’ve discovered that I feel bad when I have to wake my boyfriend up in the morning.
I always get up first, because if I didn’t we’d both end up lying there for hours pressing snooze every five minutes and I’d be late for work. I gather my things together for a shower, pausing enviously to stare at his sleeping form (I wish I was still snuggled up in bed!). Then when I come back to see him still sleeping, curled up under the quilt I think “Aww, poor Jan. He looks so tired. And now I have to wake him up.” The thing is, usually it’s his fault we got so little sleep in the first place. He likes to work late. The only days he’ll leave work early are Mondays and Thursdays, because he goes to frisbee practice for two hours on those days. So he turns up at mine at around 9:30pm, we don’t manage to eat until 10 o’clock, sometimes even later, meaning we go to bed late. Then I feel guilty for waking him up. Why?