Still here

Well, it seems the world hasn’t ended, so it looks like I will have to turn 30 after all. Thanks a lot universe – I thought you were at least going to help me avoid that one!

After six years, I still find it difficult to speak German on the phone. Jan’s mum called last night, on the landline, so of course I answered. When his dad calls the conversation usually goes “Is Jan there?” “Yes, I’ll just get him for you”, but his mum tends to converse with me before I hand over the phone.

The Red Phone
The Red Phone (Photo credit: Eric Kilby)

My German is good, but I tend to forget words occasionally and it’s so much easier to get my point across when I can use hand gestures as well.

After assuring me that “he felt fine, it was just his nose that was blocked” when I left for work yesterday, by the time I came home, Jan was in bed complaining of a sore ear and a headache. He still refused my offers of Lemsip and Ibuprofen though – apparantly you only need medicine if you actually plan on getting out of bed? (Is this a German thing, a man thing or is my boyfriend just weird?). I made us some nice tea containing lots of vegetables and some extra hot chilli flakes (I defy any blocked nose to withstand them!) then spent the evening doing cross stitch with a couple of glasses of wine (I bought myself a mini bottle). After about half an hour, Jan actually came out to join me and started reading out questions from the quiz book he had in his advent calendar today. If the world had ended it wouldn’t have been a bad way to go, although it would have been a shame not to actually finish the cross stitch – I still have lots to do.

Right now I’m waiting to find out whether we’re going to Jan’s dad’s place tomorrow or staying here for Christmas. If it’s the latter, I need to go and buy food for Christmas today. I’m planning on doing roast chicken for Christmas day if we’re here (cooking one turkey a year is more than enough for me!).

The day the world didn’t go BANG

Well the CERN experiment started today and it seems the world hasn’t ended after all. Either that or I’m a figment of my own imagination, typing on an imaginary keyboard. Somehow I think not…
The world couldn’t have ended today anyway. If the world’s going to end I’m sure it will choose a day when I have much more exciting plans than just going to work. Probably my wedding day. Just before I say the words “I do” the world will blow up, leaving me to die unmarried. At least that’s what would happen if I was a character in a book.

I’m really tired today and can’t be bothered to do anything. The dirty laundry is piling up again and threatening to take over my room, but before I can wash it I have to go into the cellar and get an appointment. If I’m lucky there’ll actually be one free before the end of this week. (Have I mentioned recently how much I hate living here? Just six and a half months til I can finally get my own flat!). The good news is that the boyfriend finally has a washing machine – his flat mate’s sister moved out of her flat and didn’t need the washing machine anymore, so her brother took it on. That means once I finally get to the bottom of the huge pile of washing I won’t have to wash all his clothes any more. Just the ones he leaves here whenever he comes over.

I also need to sort out my desk and find room on the bookcase for all sthe books that are just lying around. Quite frankly this room looks like a bomb’s hit it. It’s not entirely my fault though. There’s just so much stuff – and so little space. I’m sure when I first moved to Germany I actually had enough room for all my belongings. It’s amazing how much stuff can accumulate in two short years. And most of my stuff isn’t even here! I still have an entire room full of stuff at my dad’s house. Including most of my books. See why I need to get out of this place – it’s the only way I’ll ever get to have all my books with me! Without them I feel like a part of me’s missing.

Oh well, I’m off to make myself a nice cup of tea. Hopefully the caffeine will keep me awake until Jan gets here with whatever he’s decided we’re making for tea…