Today is the last day of June. In two hours (three if you’re on the UK) the year will be half over. It’s crazy! I can’t believe a whole six months have passed. Surely someone most have stolen a few weeks from me while I wasn’t paying attention!!

In my shock at realising the year is half over already I started thinking about what I’ve actually done this year.  What I came up with was not a lot. I did start the new year in Paris, which was cool and meant I fulfilled one of my ambitions (the ambition being to go to Paris, not necessarily for New Year although that was a nice tough). I also got my highest mark ever for an assignment (yay me!) and some other pretty good marks, meaning I’ve passed the first year of my Master’s. And that’s about it really. Obviously I have done other things in the last half year, but nothing really worth mentioning. It’s all so difficult when you haven’t got any money! So I’ve decided once I have a job I’ll start making plans again. I want to move out of this student residence and into my own flat. I want to learn Spanish. I want to travel more (I have been to Worms and Gernsbach this year, but I want to go to somewhere a little further afield). I also want to do plenty of less exciting stuff… I need new clothes, I very desperately need new shoes and I’d like to buy some of the books on my ever expanding list.  But before I do any of that I need to find a job. Tomorrow is the first day of the last month of my internship and I still have nothing lined up to do afterwards. It’s all getting scarily close now. Job interview on Thursday though. Please keep your fingers crossed for me, even if you are one of the random people that found my blog by asking Google for a “ginger haired toddler cartoon”.