Reading in German

I tend to do most of my reading in English, simply because I prefer to read books in the language they were written in (if I can… obviously I can’t read Swedish!) and I have trouble finding German authors that I actually like. To remedy that, I made item number 15 on my 35 Before 35 list “Read 30 books in German”. I’ve made this page to keep track of the books I’ve read. Occasionally, I might review them, in which case clicking the title of the book will take you to the review. Most of the books are crime novels because that seems to be the most popular genre among German-speaking authors!
Here’s what I’ve read so far, since started my 35 before 35 challenge:

  1.  Eine unbeliebte Frau – Nele Neuhaus
  2. Aschenputtel (Original Swedish title: Askungar) – Kristina Ohlsson
  3. Schwesterlein, komm stirb mit mir – Karen Sander
  4. Fünf – U. Poznanski
  5. Schattenfreundin – Christine Drews
  6. Der Facebook Killer – Oliver Hoffmann & Thommy Mardo
  7. Eva und die Apfelfrauen – Tania Krätschmar
  8. Dunkler Zwilling – Doriz Bezler
  9. Der Bilderwächter – Monika Feth
  10. Bis in den Tod hinein – Vincent Kliesch
  11. Ruhe nicht in Frieden (original Norwegian title: Felicia forsvant) – Jørn Lier Horst
  12. Der tote Liebhaber (original swedish title: Skulden till Daniel) – Ann-Christin Hensher
  13. Denn ihrer ist das Himmelreich (original Norwegian title: La de små barn komme til meg) – Kjetil Try
  14. Herr Mozart Wacht Auf – Eva Baronsky
  15. Blackout – Marc Elsberg
  16. Sterntaler (original Swedish title:Änglavakter) – Kristina Ohlsson
  17. Blutdämmerung – Rainer Löffler
  18. Die Nacht des Zorns (original French title: L’armée furieuse) – Fred Vargas
  19. Liebesfluch – Beatrix Gurian
  20. MUH! – David Safier
  21. Apfelrosenzeit – Anneke Mohn
  22. Emmas Geheimnis – Liz Balfour

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