101 Things Photography Challenge

This is the page for me to track my progress in the photography challenge that I’ve set myself as one of my 101 things in 1001 days tasks.

The challenge:
Assign a theme to each month of the 1001 days. During that month, attempt to take 50 photos relating to the given theme. Although the target is 50, any month in which I manage to take 20 or more photos will count as a pass.

The rules:
1. All photos must be taken during the month in question.
2. All photos must be taken by me
3. All photos must be taken with the theme in mind (no taking photos of a blue flower just because it’s pretty then remembering that it’s currently “blue month” and using the photo for the challenge).

Interpretation of the themes is up to me. If I want to take photos of a watermelon, a puddle and an ice cube for the theme “water” that is up to me. Anything goes, as long as I think it has something to do with that month’s theme.

I decided on 50 photos per month so that I don’t have to worry about only taking good photos… with 50 to choose from surely some of them will end up being usable!

A selection of the photos from each month will be uploaded to photobucket. To view them click on the theme title. Hopefully the link will take you directly to that theme’s album…

Here are the themes:
August 2009: The Games That We Play (50)
September 2009: Karlsruhe through my eyes (36)
October 2009: Planes, Trains and Automobiles (23)
November 2009: Looking Up
December 2009: Wooden (50)
January 2010: On the Ground: An Ant’s eye View (20)
February 2010: Spots and Stripes (26/50)
March 2010: Doors (51)
April 2010: Circles and Spheres (22)
May 2010: Flags (12 – FAIL)
June 2010: Shoes and Socks (10 – FAIL)
July 2010: Food, Glorious Food (11 – FAIL)
August 2010: Some Like It HOT (11 – FAIL)
September 2010: Pink (0/50)
October 2010: Signs (0/50)
November 2010: The Natural World (0/50)
December 2010: Shadows (0/50)
January 2011: Entertainment (0/50)
February 2011: Water (0/50)
March 2011: Animals (0/50)
April 2011: Flowers (0/50)
May 2011: Blue (0/50)
June 2011: From the Heart (0/50)
July 2011: Here Comes the Sun (0/50)
August 2011: Books, Books, Books (0/50)
September 2011: Numbers (0/50)
October 2011: All In a Row (0/50)
November 2011: Let the Music Play (0/50)
December 2011: Drink Me (0/50)
January 2012: Multicoloured (0/50)
February 2012: Soft and Cuddly (0/50)
March 2012: Snail Mail (0/50)
April 2012: Let There Be Light (0/50)

The official end of my 1001 days is on 10th May 2012, but 10 days isn’t a lot of time to take 50 pictures, so I decided to make April 2012 the last month of this challenge and start taking photos for August 2009 before the official start date of the 101 days (13th August). That’s fair, right?


5 thoughts on “101 Things Photography Challenge

  1. I am thinking about it. Not sure yet where to put them (Flickr is no good – I don’t want to have to pay to put on more than 200 photos), but once I figure something out I’ll let you know.
    Most of the ones I’ve taken so far this month are pretty uninteresting though. I’m hoping I’ll improve as I take more.

  2. Thank you Stephanie *blush*
    Technically the photos can be viewed on Photbucket (the link is up there somewhere) but I’m stupidly lazy so only 2 out of the 8 themes have actually been uploaded so far. Really must do something about that…

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