Doing ten things at once

I have a feeling this week is going to be rather stressful… well, the evenings at least. During the day I’ll just be working as usual. But at night, when I should be relaxing, there are a million things that need doing.


To Do's
Photo credit: Courtney Dirks


I need to pack. I need to clean every inch of my room ready for handing back the key. I need to see the director of the building to find out if there’s any way to get out of paying the rent for March. I need to see the caretakers to make sure it’s ok to move out on Saturday (they have to check for damage and take back the key). I need to go to the bank and sort out an account into which the deposit for my rent will be paid. I need to get the money for the deposit. I need to do the practice translation for uni that’s due on 2nd March. I need to gather the necessary information for the assessed piece that’s due on 20th March because if I do get to move out on Saturday I will be without internet access for a while.And right now I need to go and collect my washing from the machine and hang it somewhere to dry. Phew. I’m exhausted already and that’s just from thinking about it all…



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