Back in hospital…

A huge thank you to all those who have been checking in since my operation. I appreciate all your comment. Apologies if I’ve failed to respond to any! This will be a short post since once again I am typing on my phone. The operation went really well – couldn’t have been better. Both an MRI and several ultrasounds have shown leg movement right down to the feet so it looks like we’ve been able to preserve that function and baby should later be able to walk unaided or with minimal aid. My recovery also went well and I was taking brief walks around the ward on day 3. I got to go home after exactly 2 weeks with strict instructions on what I was not allowed to do (basically any housework whatsover!). I then managed a whole two weeks at home before I started noticing contractions. Luckily as it turned out they are “practice” ones (known as Braxton Hicks) so labour down seem to be imminent but because of the fresh incision the doctors wanted to be extra careful so I was admitted back to hospital for observation and IV anti-contraction meds. And that’s is where I am now. Later today I will hopefully find out how they want to proceed. For now I am celebrating the fact that baby and I have made it to exactly 5 weeks since the operation!

18 thoughts on “Back in hospital…

  1. I’m so glad the operation has gone well. Sorry you have to be in the hospital again, but I’m glad they seem to really be on top of things for care for you and your baby. Continued prayers through the remainder of your pregnancy.

  2. You and baby are doing fantastic!! I’m so glad you’re able to get the medical care and advice you need to keep you both safe and healthy on your journey toward labor! Love the update from you- sounds like you’re in high spirits โค I can't wait until we get to meet your little one- although he or she needs to hold off for a bit ๐Ÿ˜‰ Relax, friend!

    1. Thank you. All the staff at both hospitals have been fantastic. I’m amazed and excited to have made it this far – over six weeks past viability! It’s starting to look like we might actually get to bring a baby home this time. Would definitely like to hold on for another few weeks though.

  3. I’m praying for you, and Jan and Baby regularly. This is great, having an update, and it sounds like the operation has been a success too. Keep your legs crossed for a few more weeks – and Little One, stay in there!!

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