The year I was born…

On the way home today I went to Thalia, a book shop that’s practically opposite where I work. They’re selling some of their books of for 2.95 each (that’s only about 2 English pounds!) so I thought I’d take the opportunity to grab some reading material for the journey to Hamburg tomorrow. Of course, all the cheap books are in German (the English books live downstairs and are not on sale) but I did choose to move to Germany so I really should start reading the occasional book in the native language. As it happens, both of the books I got were tranlated from the English so I shall give you the original titles:
Shooting Butterflies by Marika Cobbold (definitely women’s fiction but probably not quite chick lit) and Bad Prince Charlie by John Moore (fantasy that claims to be perfect for “all Terry Pratchett fans” – the cover even has Pratchett-esque (or rather Josh Kirby-esque) illustrations all over it).

On the way out of the shop I spotted the Pratchett book “Making Money” on the best seller shelves. A little gold sticker caught my eye. On closer inspection it turned out the sticker had the words “25 years of Discworld” on it. “Ooooh” I thought “I didn’t know Discworld was the same age as me!” I suppose it’s probably not really – I bet he started writing it long before 1983. But it was published in the year I was born. Suddenly I feel a lot better about my impending quarter of a century birthday. After all, not everybody can say they were born the same year The Colour of Magic came out…

3 thoughts on “The year I was born…

  1. Cool, so you’re the same age as Discworld. That’s really cool, especially since you’re such a fan. I am only as old as the Tschernobyll catastrophe 😉

  2. Frauke – yup, very cool indeed 🙂

    Katy – I don’t think you’re old, if that helps. And think how my poor mum feels knowing her daughter is 25 this year.

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