Let there be light

LightThe last few days, it’s actually been light outside when I left work. I’m not used to such luxuries. On Monday, I had to check the time to make sure I hadn’t inadvertently left an hour early. I hadn’t – it really was still light at 5 o’clock in the evening!

For the moment, it’s still dark when I wake up. Once the mornings start getting lighter, I will awaken in a panic the first few times, thinking I must have set my alarm to the wrong time or snoozed it once too often. I’ll soon get used to it though… at least until the clocks go forward, confuzzling me once again.

The lack of darkness was such a refreshing change that I haven’t been waiting for the bus in the evenings nights, choosing instead to walk from work to the train station. There’s something about actual sunlight that makes the idea of getting some exercise so much more appealing! (I doubt this will last…) Right now, it’s still cold outside but there’s something about actually being able to see my surroundings once in a while that makes me feel like spring might actually show its face this year after all.

It’s amazing what a bit of light can do!

17 thoughts on “Let there be light

  1. How I wish countries could exchange weathers! Here its sunny till 7 PM these days & the sun is up & shining by 6 in the mornings! Makes you wake up early even on a holiday 😦 I would love to receive some snow & winter in exchange for all this sun & heat!

  2. Oh yes, I absolutely agree!! When I went for a run yesterday evening, it was still light – even at 6 pm and it left me happy and craving for spring even more!

    I so love your new blog-outfit! Looks great; I love those soft & gentle vanilla-ish and greenish colours ! Eye – candy!

    Svenja xx

  3. Definitely – life just feels easier when it’s light! It’s starting to be light by the time I get off the metro to walk up to work, and it’s usually still light when I leave now…but it’s also grey and rainy at the moment, which is not helping the exercise any! Still, poco a poco as they say! Glad you’re seeing some daylight too πŸ™‚

      1. Know what you mean, it started to warm up here then this week has felt like england (I am totally trying to get myself used to the fact that next year it will be like this nearly everyday. It’s not working. My brain is refusing to acknowledge it!) – it’s been rainy, grey and freezing! So, yeah, blankets, wine and mashed potato are my way through the weekend I’m thinking!

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