A gathering of thoughts

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a nice Easter? I was home along for the long weekend – and still am, actually. Jan is away with one of his choirs on a trip that covers Vienna, Belgrade, Sofia, and Istanbul. Jealous? Me? No, not at all… Anyway, as you will have seen, the tag line of my blog is “Just a place to gather my thoughts” and occasionally I like to do just that, i.e. put together a list of random things that have occurred to me but don’t merit an entire blog post of their own.

Image from: https://openclipart.org/detail/263006/lost-in-thought
  • Or building is being renovated next year and one of the things they’re doing is giving everyone a washer and dryer in their flat. I am way more excited about this than the new bathrooms they’re also planning on putting in… no more getting up early to put on a load of washing because certain people feel the need to reserve the evening washing machine slots months in advance so nobody else gets a chance! (Side note: most rental apartments in Switzerland have a shared laundry room and you either have an assigned day, a specific slot (e.g. Monday mornings) a sign-up sheet or, in some cases, it’s a free-for-all. In our case, it’s a sign-up sheet).
  • Sort of related to the above… if I’m not allowed to do laundry or hoover on a Sunday does that mean it’s also illegal to dry my hair?
  • After two whole delivery-free days in a row (Sunday followed by Easter Monday, which is a holiday), how is it possible that I had no mail today? The post person had obviously been because Jan had a letter from his health insurance, so where was my post? I want my books and I want them now!
  • Speaking of books… I picked one up today that had been on my shelf for a while and realised that someone had ripped out a page in the middle (I buy almost all my books second hand). It’s an ex-library copy and is otherwise in good condition, so I can only assume the seller didn’t know. Who on Earth does that? I’m really annoyed now because I finally felt like reading that book and now I have to wait for another copy to arrive. Also, I’m going to have to throw the book away and I hate throwing books away, but with a missing page it’s no longer any use to anyone.
  • I have two acquaintances who are currently pregnant with their fourth child. How?! (I mean, I know physically how but a) what are the chances of two people I know announcing this within a week and b) how do other people manage to have four children at the drop of a hat when I don’t even have one?)

Hmm, I thought I had more than that but I seem to have run out of steam, so that’s it. Not the most exciting post, but if I can’t talk to an actual human being I’ll just have to throw my random thoughts out into the universe instead 😉 And now I need to go and cook tea (by which I mean let the oven cook it for me). Have a great evening, friends.


14 thoughts on “A gathering of thoughts

  1. Belated happy Easter! I am very envious of Jan doing such exciting travelling and very excited on your behalf for the proposed washer and dryer…i remember the days of sharing one machine with the entire building (and there was no schedule). I don’t understand how some people can have four children so easily either. Your turn will hopefully come soon for number one, and mine for number two.

    1. Jan is very lucky… clearly I have the wrong hobbies! (Given that all my hobbies are solitary none are likely to lead to travel).
      I got up extra early this morning to do laundry and found someone else’s clothes already in the machine… even though I had signed up! So I’ve crossed out my appointment and will now be getting up extra early to do it tomorrow (and then even earlier on Friday because I have to actually be in the office). I am so mad with my unknown neighbour!
      I hope your turn for number two comes very soon x

    1. No problem – steal away! I’m glad you liked it. I’ve done this a couple of times, but I’m always worried these posts will be boring. My mind is not an interesting place to be (weird, but not all that interesting).

  2. Okay, well I can answer the baby question. After having 5 pregnancies… you get pregnant when you DON’T want too! That’s when it usually happens. I was very fortunate to have girl, boy, girl, boy etc… but I also had 1 child that had S.I.D.S. that’s the one I miss the most, but now that my babies are grown & have given me a dozen grandbabies… (yep a 12)… I kinda wondered.. how did this all happen??? Well, an extreme amount of love, happiness & when you least suspect it! Hope that helps! Let me know when it happens for you! I shall keep you in my prayers if that’s what you really want & I shall crochet your first baby blanket! ~hehehe~ Have a great day~ hugs~!

    1. The bathrooms we have now aren’t too bad other than the colour (I think some in the other flats are in a worse state though) but our own washing machine will definitely be something to celebrate! Apparently we’re also getting new windows, which will no doubt be an annoying faff.

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