Style imitating art: Nebra Sky Disk

When I saw the inspiration for this round of style imitating art I immediately knew I had to join in. This time the host is Salazar herself, creator of Style Imitating Art, and she chose the Nebra Sky Disk.

When I showed Jan what the inspiration was, he said “Good job you have a dress that’s the exact right colour for the background!” He was referring to one that my mum bought me when I was moving to Austria to be an English language assistant. That was about 15 and a half years ago by the way so it’s held up pretty well! It’s from Primark, if you were wondering.

I added a pair of tights with stars that match the dress (purchased at Karstadt in Karlsruhe, 7 or 8 years ago) then I remembered a necklace that my sister had given me for Christmas a few years ago.

It was Jan’s idea to add the star lights that we still had on the bookcase from Christmas. Please ignore the state of my hair – I thought I could get away with not washing it for one more day but it really does look quite limp and greasy.

Here’s a close up of the necklace. It’s so pretty!

How would you interpret this art in an outfit? If you would like to join in send a photo to by Tuesday, 26 January. It can be a flat lay if you prefer not to send a picture of yourself. Then go to 14 Shades of Grey on Wednesday for a round up of everyone’s submissions.


10 thoughts on “Style imitating art: Nebra Sky Disk

  1. Hello Bev, This is Terri You nailed it and I love the fact that you draped yourself with the lights! The Disk was such an inspirational piece to work from. You and I did use the exact tone of dark green. Take care, Terri

  2. The dress and the necklace would’ve nailed it so you’ve gone the extra mile with the tights and lights. I don’t think I have anything in my wardrobe that would suit this piece.
    The dress is really nice, and just goes to show that Primark stuff can last and shouldn’t be thought of as disposable. I’ve got a Primark cardy that I picked up in a charity shop several years ago now and it’s still going strong.

  3. I have Primark items I have had that long too! I always get annoyed when people say it is disposable. There are lots of things that last!
    I LOVE your outfit- the whole thing is gorgeous! The dress, the necklace, the tights, the stars! It really worked!

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