All I want is a good night’s sleep…

Dear Universe,

Do you think it might be possible for me to take less than 3 hours to fall asleep tonight? I would also be very grateful if, having finally fallen alseep, I could not wake up an hour later for no apparant reason. It would make getting up for work sooo much easier.

That is all.

8 thoughts on “All I want is a good night’s sleep…

  1. Dear Bevchen,
    Possible remedies: 1) Hot milk, 2) No food after 7pm, 3) Lavender scent on your pillow.
    Of course, these are all rubbish, and what you actually need is a couple of vodka and tonics or whatever your preferred tipple, and you’ll lurch happily into deep slumber as soon as you go to bed – perhaps even before then!
    Yours respectfully,
    The Universe

  2. Oh Bevchen, poor you. Welsh Girl could indeed be right, but in case that is no comfort to you I would concur with Hails and add in a couple of mine own tips …
    Lavender essential oil (lavender scent doesn’t work): three drops in a lovely hot bath, taken with candles, a good book and your favourite tipple followed by a good shag if Jan’s up to it and if not one more drop of lavender oil on the underside of your pillow. (It is essential not to overdo the essential oil, otherwise you will experience the opposite to your desired effect. You can overdo the shagging as much as you want.)
    Sweet dreams 🙂

  3. Universe aka Hails – thanks for the tips. Hot milk and no food I may try. Tracking down lavendar scent in Germany may be more difficult.

    Ali – thanks. I shall!

    Frauke – indeed he is. lol

    Welsh Girl – I’d better start making a list of things I want to chabge then!

    At Home – We don’t have a bath 😦 I shall try to get hold of some lavendar essential oil… right after I work out what the German for essential oil is. The shagging may be the easiest option, as soon as I get Jan over here again 😉

    Katy – aargh, poor you! I wasn’t up that long but did have to get up at 6:30!

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