My life in music

I stole this idea from The Laughing Housewife, whose version you can see here.

Put together a musical playlist of songs that describe your life, including what you hope your future entails.

I was born in 1983, precisely 18 days after my mum turned 20 (product of a teen pregnancy. Shock, horror!)

My dad and later my step dad were both in the army, so the family moved around a lot. I got used to always being the new kid.

When I was 12, my step mum died. She was only 29 years old – the same age I am now!

A year later, I moved up North to live with my dad.

For university, I went to Nottingham (half way between my parents at the time!) to study German and International Relations. My degree included a year abroad. I came to Karlsruhe – the first time I’d left the country by myself!

After a turbulent three month relationship with an American (who I’m still friends with – he’s now married with his second kid on the way), I started a relationship with Jan. Six months later, he went of to the US while I returned to England to finish my degree.

After nearly two years of long distance relationship (after graduating I moved to Austria for 10 months), I moved back to Germany to finally be with Jan. I had been a language assistant in Austria and loved it. In Germany, it was hell and a major part of why I decided becoming a teacher was not for me! So I signed up for a Master’s in Translation instead.

While I was studying for my Master’s (online), I did an internship at a translation company, then got a job as a translator, which ended after 10 months for economic reasons, before ending up at the translation company where I work now just over three years ago.

And my hope for the future?

(Apologies if any of the music doesn’t work – for some reason the sound isn’t working on this computer).

9 thoughts on “My life in music

  1. I’m totally going to do this – so fun to see all the songs you picked out! Love a bit of Idlewild (it’s entirely likely they’ll appear on mine too!) alogn with your mini auto biography (sorry to hear about your mum though, that must have been hard).

    • Thank you. It was actually my step jum that died, but in some ways she was more of a mum to me than my own mother (we haven’t always had the best relationship – hence me moving in with my dad at 13).

      You should definitely do it – it’s fun picking out the songs, and I would love to see yours! I loved Idlewild and was determined to get them in somehow. Haha. Same with Tina Dico – had to get her in somehow! If “A new situation” hadn’t fit so well with how I feel about the future I would have added “A room with a view” by her to describe my time in Austria 😉 (I really did have a room with a great view there too).

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