Pfingsten Friday letters

This weekend is Pfingstwochenende, or Pentecost weekend, which makes Monday Pfingstmontag (Whit Monday) and therefore the third of May’s four public holidays. YAY for long weekends!

English: Postbox, Drumree, Co Meath An Irish p...
An Irish postbox (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear boyfriend. Thank you for bringing me chocolates back from Belgium. They look very tasty… but how am I supposed to eat the one shaped like a hedgehog without feeling cruel?

Dear British Forces Brats group. I can see myself become obsessed with you! Sooo many people who have shared my experiences! It had never occurred to me that the army lifestyle could be to blame for any of my personality traits (although it’s obvious, when you think about it!)

Dear cake I have to bake tonight. Please work out! I need you for a post-wedding celebration barbecue thingy tomorrow (where I will probably know nobody!!) and there won’t be time for a second try.

Dear weather. Please be kind! A barbecue where I know nobody other than my boyfriend will be bad enough without getting soaked as well!

Dear Bonnie Tyler. Good luck in the Eurovision Song Contest! I hope we get home from this barbecue thing in time for me to watch you!

Happy weekend everyone! (And happy long weekend to those in Germany.)


9 thoughts on “Pfingsten Friday letters

    1. That postbox is from Wikipedia – I hope I’ll have a chance to get some photos of some myself in Ireland 🙂

      The cake is with blueberries. I can’t wait to find out how it tastes!

  1. Happy Friday! I was a forces kid too and found the experience makes talking to strangers easier not harder but having said that I am totally used to being the outsider, its probably a mix of nature/environment.

    1. I will talk to anyone, as long as it’s superficial. It’s more forming close bonds that I have trouble with. And I do have a tendency to come across as weird, which puts people off me, so every time I’m in a situation where I know I’ll have to talk to strangers I get all worked up trying to remind myself to act “Normal” (whatever that is) and not say anything to make them hate me.

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