Photo an hour: 18 January 2014

Yesterday, Jane from Is That You Darling was again asking people to join in with taking a photo an hour. At the same time, Manda from Break the Sky is hosting a “Day in the Life” link up. Her actual “Day in the Life” date was 14 January, but she invited those who didn’t record their day then to add themselves to the link up at any time until the end of the month. A chance to participate in two link ups at some of my favourite blogs couldn’t possibly be passed up! And so I give you the most boring Saturday ever. 😉

Not all of my photos were taken exactly on the hour, mostly because it’s not always possible for me to do that. I’d like to see you try to take a photo while wandering round Aldi with 2 carrier bags in one hand and a shopping basket in the other (which is wgat I was doing when I should have been taking my 3pm photo…)

11 a.m. (ish): I managed to hit off on my alarm instead of snoozing it, so I stayed in bed way longer than I was intending to. I’m up now, though, and it’s breakfast time.

Tea, toast and caramel biscuit spread
Tea, toast and caramel biscuit spread

12 noon: It’s shower time!

12 noon

1 p.m. Off into town past one of Karlsruhe’s giant construction sites. (Actually, “giant construction site” is a pretty accurate description of Karlsruhe’s entire inner-city area right now!).


2 p.m.: In town. A fairly crappy photo because I was trying not to include any people in the picture (there are laws against such things in Germany…)

2:10 p.m.: A bonus photo! I once told you that German dogs can go everywhere, including into shops, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to provide evidence! Photo sneakily taken with my phone so the owner wouldn’t get mad.

3 p.m. Just one more place to stop at then I can head home with my way-too-many bags of things I never intended to buy…

3 pm

4 p.m.: Time for the football! Checking out BBC Sport’s pre-match information on my phone. (We won, in case you care. And by “we” I mean Newcastle United).


5 p.m.: Half-time cuppa! Tea is a perfectly normal beverage to drink during a football match, right?


6 p.m.: Time to do some tidying. Desperately attempting to sort out the chaos that is the desk in the spare bedroom…

I am sooo ashamed of this...
I am sooo ashamed of this…

Somehow I missed my 7 o’clock photo, so instead I give you 8 p.m. (ish – my phone said it was 8, but my camera seems to imagine it was 10 to?).
Off back out because I forgot to buy washing powder and bread!


9 p.m. Tea time! (The food type of tea this time). Lemon flavoured cous cous with vegetables.

9:15 p.m. I decided to take a bonus photo to make up for missing out 7 o’clock. Hoovering the kitchen while it’s still early enough. (My neighbours are actually nice and not the complainy type, but I still like to get the hoovering done while it’s “officially” allowed.)

10 p.m. Time to wash the dishes – my most hated household chore! (With the possible exception of dealing with Biomüll)


11 p.m. Flicking through some old cross stitch magazines for inspiration – I want to stitch my grandma a card for her birthday.

Cross stitch magazines

Midnight: Bed time! I wasn’t going to include this photo because it’s terrible (and boring), but you might as well have it…

Owl bedding

And there you have it! There’s still time to take part in January’s A Day in the Life with Break the Sky (or wait til 7th February and join in with the next one), and you can check out Is That You Darling’s blog post (link to follow once the post is up) to see other people’s Photo an Hour posts.

27 thoughts on “Photo an hour: 18 January 2014

    1. After 10 pm and on Sundays. I do hoover on Sundays though… luckily I have neighbours who don’t care. Just don’t move to Swabia, or they’ll have you sweeping the staircases 😉

  1. Mmmm, cookie butter. Best stuff ever 🙂

    I totally forgot how dogs are allowed everywhere in Germany till I saw your photo of one! I quite liked that about Germany as all the dogs were extremely well behaved. Dogs always make me smile, so it was like free smiles all around!

    1. LOL, we don’t normally eat quite that late, but we had chocolate and stuff during the football. If Jan had his way, we would eat at 9-10 p.m. every day of the week, but I’d be starving if I waited that lomg, so I make tea for 8:30 usually and then eat mine whether he’s home or not.

  2. I love that caramel spread. It is so delicious and you just can’t stop eating it! I always miss seeing so many dogs in America. I feel like the owners don’t take them anywhere!

    1. If it’s anything like the UK, they probably take their dogs to the park or the beach or for a walk along the river, not to the supermarket! I always wonder how people who are allergic to or afraid of dogs feel in Germany.

  3. Thanks for joining in, I do so love seeing everyone’s days, especially the boring ones. It’s good seeing people look for inspiration! February’s date will probably be the 22nd 🙂

  4. your photo an hour is a lot more exciting than mine would be most days! I’ve tried to do this before but I always forget, must try and set a timer 🙂

  5. Caramel spread sounds RIGHT up my alley! I think it’s really cool that you can take a dog just about anyway, but I’d hope most dogs there are really well behaved then. x

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