Recent doings #4

I wanted to post this yesterday, on actual link-up day (the first Thursday of the month), but Jan had taken over the computer to upload his photos, so in place of Friday letters I bring you my “doings” from March… even though you all already know it was all about New Zealand!

What's New With You
Reading: I bought (or rather had Jan buy me) Friday On My Mind by Nicci French from Zurich airport and read that while waiting for our flight to New Zealand. It was good! (I also read a book on the way back, but it was April by that time so I won’t include it).
Watching: On the flight to Dubai I watched The Rescuers Downunder – a sequel to The Rescuers. It seemed appropriate 😉 (although it’s set in Australia, not New Zealand). It was very cute, of course. Then I watched something called The Gift, which was weird. On the Dubai-Auckland flight I watched Toy Story 3, which I had somehow never seen! Before New Zealand, we started watching Mr Robot, which I bought Jan for his birthday. Two episodes in, it seems good – but intense. It’s difficult to cross stitch while watching because I miss stuff.
Drinking: Many New Zealand beers! Also wine – we did a wine tour.
Visiting: My uncle in Rotorua. I met my three year old cousin for the first time, and she’s just the cutest!
Travelling: To New Zealand, obviously, but before that we did a day trip to Lausanne.
I can’t even remember what I was doing pre-New Zealand so I’m going to stop here.
What have you been doing recently?
Check out the link up to see how everyone else spent March!
p.s. I don’t know what’s wrong with my formatting? I swear I entered spaces between each item…

14 thoughts on “Recent doings #4

  1. awww the rescuers downunder! i haven’t seen it in years. i think kc and i watched a few episodes of mr robot but we didn’t finish it. thanks for linking up with us!

  2. We watched Mr Robot a while back and I really liked it. Kris tells me it’s a very accurate portrayal of hacking and computers.

  3. What did you think of Toy Story 3? Hubby cried but personally I wasn’t keen. Much prefer the first! Awww cute three year old! Cheeky? And I keep having this formatting problem on wordpress as well!!

    1. Yes, definitely cheeky 😉
      The first Toy Story film will always be the best, but I liked this one too. The end made me cry – very embarrassing on a plane, but I don’t think anyone noticed 😉

  4. yay, love these! HOW many films!??! I loved that about my long haul flights to Bali (the only ones I’ve made!)
    Was it you who blogged about Ouchy near Lausanne or was that someone else? I love Ouchy!

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