Autumn days…

We woke up on Saturday to rain, which continued for the rest of the weekend and is forecast to carry on until at least next Monday so I thought I would upload some photos I took a few weeks ago to remind myself that autumn can be nice when it tries.

All the photos were taken between the 16th and 30th of October, and it was actually not that easy to find signs of autumn! The first time I went out, the trees were still mostly green, and by the end of October a lot of them had lost their leaves completely… it seems they changed directly from green to brown this year. To prove my point, can we please just consider the following two photos, which were taken precisely one year apart along the same stretch of path (although sadly not in the exact same spot so we can’t get a direct comparison)

Apparently Basel used up its best colours last year to welcome us to our new country. I shall have to make a point of going out on the same date next year to see what the trees are doing then.

Happy new week, readers. I hope Monday is less grey and miserable where you are!


16 thoughts on “Autumn days…

  1. It isn’t grey or miserable here but it is very bloomin’ cold! Frost on the ground this morning, it should warm up though. I love autumn colours! But I am excited for Christmas – my favourite favourite time of year (closely followed by autumn).

  2. Monday is pretty grey and miserable here too! I think we’ve had about two blue sky days in Berlin this autumn. I keep meaning to get out there and take some autumn shots but it’s just so bleak-looking!

  3. I am mad about trees and I obsessively photograph them. My husband bought me a new ‘better’ camera in the summer holidays – I think he is slightly regretting it now as I keep taking hundreds of pictures at a time and he says we now need more space on the computer. To top it all, a big chunk of those photos are trees. I think the whole family is really fed up of looking at my tree pictures!!! But I am totally fascinated with how they change at this time of the year (and again in spring).
    There’s a tree a couple of miles from here and I was driving past it and it was a beautiful shade of yellow. I thought I’ll have to go and get the camera and wander over with the dog and my littlest and take some pictures. However, life is life and for a couple of days I didn’t find the time, despite best intentions.
    Then it was really windy… Eventually however, we made it there. Unfortunately most of the leaves had been removed by the wind so it was no where near as beautiful, and the dog was so fascinated with the blowing leaves that it was hard to get any pictures at all!! But then my daughter noticed a beautiful path lined with colourful trees. Stunning. I think she was even more excited than I was. And the dog was in her element!!!

  4. So many nice autumn colours! I’m with you, it’s always gone in a flash here. Now we’ve got rain for the next week there will be no leaves left on the trees! Still, you’ve got to make the most of the colours when you can.

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