Recent doings #26

Wow… can you believe it’s the first Thursday of another month already? Once again, the year seems to be flying by. Today is actually Jan’s birthday, but he’s a weirdo who never wants to celebrate so I’ve got him some gifts and I’ll cook a slightly nicer meal than usual later. For now, though, I’m linking up with Kristen and Gretch to tell you what I got up to in February.


Eating. Porridge – sort of. I don’t have time in the morning to make proper porridge, so I defrost frozen berries by poring boiling water over them then mix them in a bowl with maple syrup, oats and boiling water. It would be nicer with milk, but since we don’t have a microwave boiling the kettle is the best I can do. Apart from that, I’ve been making broth a lot. Warm, comforting food for the cold weather we’ve been having – it was -7°C here on Monday!

Drinking. Matcha latte. It comes in a packet and you just add boiling water. Probably not very healthy but I like it!

Reading. I completed 16 books in February, which I will tell you about soon. Apart from that I’ve been plodding my way through Anna Karenina. It’s taking foreverrrr.

Watching. Pointless and Eggheads. We also watched the first episode of Young Sheldon. It’s cute.

Celebrating. Our anniversary (of getting together – clearly we’re not married). Sort of. Jan had choir practice on the actual day so I cooked a slightly nicer meal the next evening and we actually ate at the table for once. Then on the Saturday after we went to Aarau, walked around the town a bit and had lunch. I gave him a card, he gave me nothing. And that was the extent of our celebration.


Travelling. To Dijon, for a day and a half. Turns out it’s really close to us. You can see part of our day in Dijon in my February photo an hour post.

Making. Birthday cards for Post Pals children. Like every month. I feel like this category is getting boring?

Cross stitching. Birthday cards for the sons of two friends. One had a birthday in February, the other’s is next week.

Attending. The fire parade in Liestal (see last year’s post for explanation) and the Morgestraich part of Fasnacht (Basel’s carnival – the link is to 2016’s).

Playing. I bought Jan a Discworld board game called The Witches for Christmas. We played it once in February and I actually won! (When he first got it we played several times and he won all but one of those times).

Buying. Books, obviously. Jan’s birthday presents. I can’t think of anything else.

That’s all for today. How was your February?


28 thoughts on “Recent doings #26

    1. The game is fun!
      We finally got some snow overnight, but it’s really not that much. Still -6°C though! It’s supposed to rain tomorrow so I suspect it will all be washed away then. We’ve had basically no snow this whole winter.

      1. I hope it rains here too…pretty much stuck at the moment. I thought thst town would be worse. I keep seeing reports thst Geneva is as bad as it was in 2012 (which was perishing!). Glad for you that it isn’t!

  1. I think Matcha is really healthy for you! Maybe a packet isn’t the best (who knows though) but there are some benefits so I wouldn’t feel bad about it. I personally hate the taste of matcha, but everyone’s been talking about it so I wish I liked it more.

  2. that’s what i do with my porridge, but without maple syrup. works for me lol.
    go you for working on Anna Karenina! i own it but it’s daunting lol. one day?
    i have been buying all the books. oops!

  3. I’ve been doing overnight oats, ie mix the oats and milk the night before and leave it in the fridge. Admittedly not the most warming of breakfasts for freezing temps, but you can’t get too much quicker. At the moment I am definitely not worried about warming breakfasts and very worried about being on time in the mornings!

    I bought my husband an escape room game board/card game for valentines day (he bought me nothing… I’m sensing a theme!) and it comes with an app. An app! Does everything have to have an app these days?? Old lady moan over.

    1. Do you need the app to play the game or is it just an extra? We played an escape room game with a colleague of Jan’s. There was no app but they did have a Spotify playlist that you could have on while playing! LOL.

  4. The game sounds good! No microwave? Wow! I find it very useful in our house! That’s good that Dijon is close! it was my birthday on Wednesday so Jan and I are one day apart!!

  5. I hope you enjoyed the birthday celebrations despite the cold. How do you manage to read 16 books a month? I struggle to read one – I feel so guilty if I just sit and read when there a thousand others things that need doing. I have recently bought War and Peace but haven’t been brave enough to start. Shall have to take it next time I fly and hope it gets past EasyJet crew, as there won’t be space in my hand luggage… Can you get Pointless and Eggheads in Switzerland? I’m surprised there is a demand for programmes like that over there. I watch Pointless occasionally and enjoy it, and am an avid viewer of Eggheads, though find Jeremy Vine incredibly irritating and annoying – why can’t he vary his comments? Perhaps he’s never watched himself on the programme. My husband and I drive to our daughter in France once a year in our camper van and take our time stopping off and staying at campsites to see more of France. Last year we stopped at Dijon on our way back to Calais – an amazingly beautiful place.

    1. I’m very good at ignoring all the things I *should* be doing. Haha. I also have to go into the office twice a month, which is a 2-hour train ride each way. 4 hours with nothing to do but read…

      We get all the BBC, ITV and “4” channels in Switzerland. I love Pointless mainly for Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman 😀

  6. I envy you, 4 hours of uninterrupted reading. I sadly think I no longer have enough years left to read all my un-read books. Any real must-read recommendations would be appreciated.

    1. The 2 hours on the way home are great. On the way there I would happily sacrifice the reading time for extra time in bed 😉

      Recommendations are difficult without knowing your preferences so I’ll just tell you a few that I absolutely loved. The Green Mile by Stephen King, Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Secret History by Donna Tartt.

      1. I have read The Secret History and really enjoyed it. Not read any Stephen King, but love the film. Likewise have been urged to read Terry Pratchett by my daughter and may have to raid my moved-out-but-still-have-all-his-clutter son’s bookshelves as he has loads of them. I usually read classics but would like to read more good modern books as they are far quicker to get through, so thank you for the recommendations.

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