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I’m so sorry my blog seems to be a giant tag-fest recently, but people keep nominating me for things and, honestly, I’ve been feeling uninspired so it’s nice to have ready-made posts. Today’s is the “One lovely blog award” and I was nominated by Chomeuse with a Chou. She’s a fellow Brit abroad (in her case France) and she has such a wonderful writing style. Please go and check out her blog. I was also nominated by Irish Procrastinator. She is Irish (no, really?), very funny and an excellent poet. Again, you really must check out her blog. Thank you both so much for the nomination – I am genuinely touched that somebody considers me “lovely”!

lovely blog

There are rules, of course.

  • Thank the person who nominated you for the award;
  • Share seven things about yourself;
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers and inform them.

I have done similar posts before and I don’t think I will be able to dredge up seven entirely new facts, so apologies to long-term readers who’ve probably seen some of these before.

  1. This one is in my About Me section, but I’m using it here anyway. I have three siblings – a sister and two half brothers. My brothers are not related to each other. At my sister’s hen do (which I couldn’t attend), people were asked to take a quiz about her, and one of the questions was how many siblings does she have. Not a single person got it right – including my youngest brother’s mum! Oh, and I’m the eldest, by the way. My sister is actually the middle child twice.
  2. The first “adult” book I was ever allowed to read was The Clocks by Agatha Christie, when I was around 10. I can remember reading it in bed one morning before anyone else was awake and going downstairs to get the big dictionary so I could look up the word “illegitimate”.
  3. In my entire life, the place I lived the longest in one stretch was Karlsruhe, Germany – from September 2006 until I moved to Switzerland at the end of April 2015.
  4. Following on from the above… I always find the question “where are you from” really hard to answer. I lived in the place I was born twice, but even while I lived there it never really felt like “home”. It was just where army families get put when the army has nowhere else for them to go. Northumberland feels like home more than anywhere else, and that’s usually what I tell people, but if I have to specify a town it gets awkward again. I moved in with my dad aged 13 (he was out of the army by that time) and went to high school in the town he still lives in, but I hated it there and couldn’t wait to get away, so I certainly don’t consider that home! My parents are both from Morpeth, where my remaining grandparents still live, and thatโ€™s been the most constant place in my life. We went there for at least one holiday every year. It’s probably the place I am most likely to think of as “home”, but I’ve never actually lived there in my life.
  5. I’m obsessed with names… how people choose names for their children, how naming trends have changed through the years, which names are popular in which parts of the world. Jan gets so sick of me talking about people and their names!
  6. I lived in Austria for 10 months and have now been in Switzerland for close to three years but I have never tried skiing. Every year we say we will, then every year we don’t.
  7. When I was about 7 or 8, I wanted my name to be Abigail. I have no idea where I even got the name from – as far as I’m aware I had never met an Abigail at that stage in my life. To be honest, I would probably have chosen any name of my own at that point though. Beverly Hills 90210 came out the year I turned 7 and I got so sick of people at school chanting “90210” at me. Or alternatively saying “hey Beverley, are you a cop?”. Obviously they thought they were being sooo creative. *eyeroll*. So it’s kind of ironic that these days when German speakers don’t understand my name the first time I will actually say “Beverley as in Beverly Hills”.

Hmm, some of those were kind of long. Hopefully not too boring though?

I’m not actually going to tag anyone this time because I’ve been throwing tags around like confetti recently and I think I’ve already tagged everyone who might accept at least once. Sorry about that. I promise my next post will not be a tag or award!


10 thoughts on “One lovely blog award

  1. Interesting facts, nice to know more about you, and definitely not at all boring.
    No. 1 has left me very confused. Are you all close in age and do you keep in touch?
    I hoovered up Agatha Christie books when I was young. It’s given me a love of detective stories/murder mysteries ever since.
    How did you like moving around all the time? Was it very unsettling? I share your problem with answering where I come from, for different reasons, and can never give a straight-forward answer.
    It is weird how similar some of your facts are to me – Chomeuse lives half-way up a mountain, near skiing country, and my brother lives in Austria in a skiing valley near the Tyrol, yet I have never skied (nor do I want to, the thought absolutely terrifies me).
    Do I sense that you don’t like your name? I absolutely loathe mine and can assure you yours is a perfectly fine name. (I wanted to be called Olga.) I sympathise with you as I too was sick of people coming out with stupid comments when referring to mine and I try to avoid using it nowadays.

    1. LOL, yes… my family is confusing. My sister is 2ยฝ years younger than me and we pretty much grew up together – I moved to my dad’s at 13 and she moved up when she was 14. We share both parents. My first (half-)brother is 7 years younger than me. We were pretty close when we were young – I used to babysit him/keep him entertained. He was only 6 when I moved away, but I still saw him in the holidays and we spoke on the phone,etc. We share a mother. I keep in touch with that brother and my sister, mostly via the Internet but we make an effort to meet up when I’m in England and my brother has visited me a few times (he and my mum are coming again this year actually). My littlest brother is 23 years younger than me! I’ve lived abroad his entire life so I don’t really know him that well.

      We didn’t move as much as some people. It seemed normal to me at the time – I was really confused when I moved in with my dad and realised most people I went to high school with had lived in that small town for their entire lives. It would maybe have been nice to have a place to call “home” but I think it’s made living abroad as an adult easier.

      I don’t mind my name now but I really didn’t like it as a child. I do find it ironic that all my siblings have names that are easily recognisable to German speakers (although two would be pronounced slightly differently) but I’m the only one that lives abroad.

  2. Your answers are anything but boring! I have been trying to work out your sibling relationships all weekend (thanks for providing the answer above) and I reckon that it would make a brilliant SATS verbal reasoning question! I think it’s really ecxting to move around – my husband moved round loads when he was young, but he didn’t like it either and has always wanted to put down proper roots.

    1. I didn’t mind the travelling so much at the time, although I do wonder whether it contributed to my inability to make friends.

      My sibling relationships were relatively easy when there were only three of us (well, apart from the fact that my step-dad is African – my brother being mixed-race while I am clearly not is really confusing to some people, apparently).

      1. I was confused by the part about your sister being the middle child on both sides – maths is not my strongest subject! It is difficult to imagine how anyone could be confused by families comprising different parents and races in this day and age – my husband’s parents are divorced and both have remarried, so he is now the eldest of 8 (having 2 full siblings, 2 half-siblings and 3 step-siblings).

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