Christmas baking – round 2

Gingerbread men, baked in 2011
Gingerbread men, baked in 2011

Question: What do you get if you turn a gingerbread man upside down?


Answer: A reindeer of course!

I saw this idea on Facebook a while ago, and knew that as soon as the time for Christmas baking came around (November is not the appropriate time!) I would have to try it out.
The picture I saw used white icing for the details, but I preferred to make mine with chocolate icing. I think they worked out quite well, considering I only bought the thing for putting on the icing yesterday (no idea what it’s called – it looks like a syringe!). Technically, my reindeer aren’t upside down gingerbread men, because they contain no ginger! I put cocoa powder in, and now wish I’d gone with vanilla or something so the icing would show up better. But overall I’m pleased with them.
Here are some more Rudolphs:

Rudolph times four (And you thought there was only one!)
Rudolph times four (And you thought there was only one!)

(This was actually supposed to be last night’s post, but by the time I’d finished icing it was midnight and I was exhausted! Since I’m working from home today, I can post this before I log on to work and still start at my usual time… and it’s still last night somewhere in the world, I’m sure!)


7 thoughts on “Christmas baking – round 2

    1. I like biscuits – they’re really easy. These ones are anyway. Basically just rub flour, butter and caster sugar together and add a tiny bit of milk. I chose to also put cocoa powder in as well.

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