Travel theme: Stone

This week, the travel theme on Where’s My Backpack is stone, which gave me the perfect opportunity to showcase one of the most famous stone structures in my home county…. Hadrian’s Wall. Here are some photos of the wall and the surrounding countryside:

Hadrian’s wall was a 73-mile long Roman defensive structure built during the reign of Emperor Hadrian. Construction probably started some time in AD 122 and the wall was completed within a period of six years. Sections of the wall still exist along the route, although some of the stone was removed and used as building material at various points and to the west of the River Irthing the wall was made of turf, which is now long gone. The Hadrian’s Wall Footpath follows the line of the wall from Wallsend in Tyne and Wear to Bowness-on-Solway in North-West Cumbria… a route of 84 miles. There is also a Hadrian’s Wall bus service that stops at the main sights along the wall, including various Roman forts.

To join in with this week’s travel theme, check out Ailsa’s blog post.


18 thoughts on “Travel theme: Stone

    1. That’s entirely possible 😀 Another theory is that it was to show off the power of the Roman empire – it would originally have been whitewashed so it shone in the sun and would have been visible from miles around.

  1. I’m ashamed to admit this, but I learned about Hadrian’s Wall from the movie King Arthur, the cheesy one with Clive Owen and Keira Knightley 😛

    1. I’ve looked at a few other posts and haven’t seen a Stonhenge yet. I’ll be keeping an eye out now 😀

      Most of the parts of Hadrian’s Wall that are still whole run through farmland, so you get lots of scenery like this. Actually, most of Northumberland is farmland… especially in the North. The parts closer to Newcastle are a bit more industrial, but still with farms in between. And where it’s not green, there are beaches.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed Hadrian’s Wall when DD and I were last in the UK – it was an absolute must-see sight for me! We rode that bus one morning, and stopped at every Roman fort. It was great fun, as there was a historian on board who gave the passengers a lot of background info on what we would be seeing next.

    1. I’ve never been on the bus! My dad lives close enough for us to drive to the Northumbrian sites at least. I’ve been to Housesteads about 4 times!

      My favourite Roman fort is Vindolanda, but strictly speaking that’s not “on” the wall…

  3. Along with most of your other comment-ers, I’d love to visit the wall, which I’ve read about many, many times while reading historical English fiction. Oddly, this is the second time in less than a week that I came across something about it. Must be a sign. 🙂 Nice shots.


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