Mid-week confessions

This is actually kind of a filler post because I just do not have time for the one I actually want to write. It involves uploading photos, and we all know how long that takes. I’ve seen similar posts to this on various blogs (here’s one by Unlocking Kiki), and now it’s my turn. So, without further ado, I confess…

  • I don’t always wash my hair when I should. Washing (and blow drying) my hair takes time, and sometimes staying in bed for just that little bit longer wins. I only do this when my hair is at the stage where it feels horrible but still looks okay, and so far nobody’s said anything so it seems to be working out okay 😉
  • I am terrible at housework. Okay, this is nothing new to long-term readers of my blog. I even have a “world’s worst housewife” tag. My shower has needed cleaning for weeks, but I keep putting it off, I almost never wash the dishes the same evening I cook with them (in fact, if I don’t need last night’s dishes the next day I will sometimes even leave them for another night) and the windows of our flat haven’t been washed once since we moved in. I do hoover regularly and keep on top of the laundry though, it’s just anything that involves my hands touching cleaning substances that I don’t like…
  • I almost never manage to eat five portions of fruit and veg a day. In fact, yesterday I think I managed half a portion (I ate a clementine at lunch time , but you need two for a “serving”). Now the papers are reporting that we may actually need to eat seven servings a day. I am doomed. Dooooooomed I tell you!
  • Last week, I bought mini chocolate eggs with the intention of sending them to a friend for Easter, but I forgot how late Easter was and having them sitting around was just too tempting, so I ate them.
  • I haven’t really exercised since before I went to England over a month ago. I did some sit ups once when I was feeling particularly guilty about all the crap I’d eaten that day, but that’s all. Really need to get back into it… what the scales (and measuring tape) are showing me are not pretty.
  • I LOVE Cheddar cheese, the the extent that I will actually break chunks off and eat it by itself. I could never become vegan purely because of Cheddar cheese!

OK, that’s it. I need to get back to work now (after the shortest lunch break ever!) I have so much to do. Seriously, the only thing that’s getting me through this week is the thought of the overtime that I can take off some time when it’s a litle less crazy! How long til the next public holiday?!


25 thoughts on “Mid-week confessions

  1. Haha these are some fun confessions!

    As for eating the treats you got to send to a friend, I’d be lying if I said I’d never done the same thing… 😉

    Hope work slows down a bit more for you. Easter’s coming up, so you’ll get a long weekend there. And then one more month until May – the month of SO MANY PUBLIC HOLIDAYS! Good times are coming!

  2. I’m like that with my hair…though i do get to hide it under a hat all day at work. And i’m terrible at housework.Luckilly I live with a bloke who is very good at it.I know I am lucky! x

    1. Ha! I very much doubt I’m going to get round to cleaning my shower… about to leave work to catch my train so I can log back on and do more work once I arrive at home. Grrr!

  3. You’ve NO idea how fortunate you are to get a 4-day weekend out of Easter! I am sooo envious!! We’ve only got Memorial Day coming up – one day on May 26.

    I actually have a bag of Easter candy sitting in my closet – it’s for a friend in Brussels (another friend is flying over there in a week). Proud of myself for not having opened that. 🙂 But, I will not lie, I have in the past eaten treats meant for others…

  4. I can confess to each one of your confessions (except for the cheese)! I have no idea how you’re expected to eat seven portions of fruit and veg a day!! How I wish chocolate was considered a fruit! It has cocoa beans… Does that not count??

    I’m trying my best to avoid Creme Eggs at the moment!

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