35 before 35: Progress report #8

I would have liked to do this yesterday, when it was exactly 6 months until my birthday and thus the end of the challenge. But I was in the office yesterday so by the time I was back in Switzerland and had eaten there was no way I was switching the computer back on! So today it is. My last progress report was seven months ago. Let’s see what I’ve achieved since then…

Number 6: Travel round Britain again

Technically we only spent time in England and Scotland and it wasn’t a round trip (we flew into Gatwick and left from Edinburgh), but we spent two weeks travelling within Great Britain so I’m counting it as completed in August 2017.

Number 13:  Read (or re-read) 50 non-fiction books

Last time I was up to 19… now I am on 20 (and the time before it was 18). This does not bode well! I read The Naming of the Shrew by John Wright. There’s a short review here.

Number 15: Read 30 books in German

Last time I was up to 24, now I’m on 27. So three read. The three were Toten Stille by Daniela Arnold (fairly meh), Mein Leben, mal eben by Nikola Huppertz (really enjoyed it), and Das Mohnblütenjahr by Corina Bomann (good, but not as good as the other book I’ve read by her). And now I have another three to go – should be doable.

Number 18: Bake ten different kinds of biscuits

It’s been a while since I’ve baked biscuits. Last time I didn’t even mention this category! The time before I had been on 7, and now it’s 8. I recently baked coffee shortbread. (I actually baked chocolate brownie biscuits at Christmas, but I’ve done them before so they don’t count).

coffee shortbread2

Number 21: Read all the books from the BBC Big Read that I hadn’t before starting this challenge

Last time I was up to 56 and now I’ve made it to 63! That leaves another 69 to read in 6 months. Hmm. I’m not going to mention you all the ones I’ve read since last July in this post, but you can find the entire list here. I will say I read the last one, Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, yesterday while waiting for my train home and it’s possibly the weirdest book I’ve ever read!

And that’s everything this time. Only one challenge actually completed, but a bit of progress made on some others.

19 items remain incomplete. Some I can finish fairly easily, others will not be happening. I may try to check in one more time before August, but I’m not promising anything. This may well end up being my final progress report. And now to try and complete as many things as I can before August… Wish me luck!


9 thoughts on “35 before 35: Progress report #8

  1. I think that you are making pretty great progress, considering the enormity of your challenge to begin with! I have been think about this (very late in the game with just over 4 months to go before my thirtieth) and choosing for more easily attainable goals for myself (I mainly want to feel good about myself on my birthday 😉 ) so I am very impressed with your list!

    1. Welll, I started this just before my thirtieth – deciding to skip 30 entirely and go straight for 35 given how little time was left, so it would theoretically have been possible if I hadn’t read so many books that aren’t even on the list 😉

      Aah, 30. I would love to be turning that age again – except this time I would try to enjoy it more.

      1. That sounds like a very sensible plan. How many books can you read per month? I am so envious!

        I am hoping that i’ll enjoy being 30. My twenties weren’t as amazing as they should have been, so I’m quite looking forward to seeing what 30 has to offer.

      2. I’m sure 30 will be good. It’s not like my 30s have been bad. I just cried on my 30th because I always hoped I would be a mother by that time and hated being thought of as a “career woman”. I love my job but I don’t live for it!

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