If the BBC says it it must be true… right?

I was reading the news last night on the BBC website. I like to do that occasionally to find out what’s going on back home. So I clicked my way through to the “Tyne” section and came across the headline “Beach closed in pollution scare”. This was followed by the words “A popular Northumberland beach has been closed to the public after a mysterious oily substance was discovered”
Popular beach? Northumberland? Where might that be? I wondered. Cresswell maybe, or Alnwick. Intrigued I clicked on the headline and read the first sentence of the article: “Council officials called in Environment Agency experts after tennis ball size globules of a viscous black substance appeared on Cambois beach on Thursday” Cambois beach. Cambois?? Popular?? What? SInce when? Ok, people walk their dogs there, but that’s only because the people in Cambois have nowhere else to walk their dogs. We’re talking about a village that doesn’t even have a corner shop for goodness sake. The standng joke about Cambois beach is “if you go in the water you’ll come out green with extra limbs”. That’s what the local people think of Cambois beach. And as for pollution scares. Well… when was Cambois beach not polluted? It’s been full of coal dust for years! Huh! So much for the BBC. Next they’ll be telling me Stakeford is a popular tourist resort.

I then read an article about a Chinese couple who were murdered in Newcastle. Apparantly police suspect they may have been involved in various scams. Possible motive forthe murder perhaps? The plot thickens, as the saying goes. The article then goes on to say “the body of a cat, which had been drowned and hidden in a washing bowl underneath the bathroom sink, was probably killed by the couple’s murderer, said police”. So after killing the Chinese couple, the murderers then went on to drown the body of a cat? Wow, talk about overkill!

Do you think the BBC have proofreaders??

5 thoughts on “If the BBC says it it must be true… right?

  1. I’m more intrigued by why they killed the dead cat? Were they testing the ‘there is more than one way to kill a cat’ theory? Were they worried it had witnessed everything and might spill the beans to fuzz???????

  2. Hello,
    I think you may be it bit out of date with your views, thirty years sounds right. This is from the “About Britain” website ( by the way I haven’t started glowing,turned green or grown an extra head and I live fifty metres from the dunes ) – “a Few villages anywhere in the UK can boast such a magnificent beach. Once an industrial eyesore Cambois is quickly regaining its tranquillity, clean clear water washes onto the unspoilt beach.

    If a kiss me quick hat and candyfloss are your idea of an ideal beach this isn’t the beach for you! However if you want a safe clean beach this definitely is, bring a picnic we don’t have any shops at all, or in fact a public toilet! ”
    Give us a break and stop Cambois Bashing, we are trying our damndest to make this a better place to live and could do without out of date, exaggerated and quite frankly, bordering on the “potty” remarks. Having said that some of your “wanderings” are quite witty. I know we have no shop but amazingly we have got cars!! and even broadband internet of sorts, and electricity (not mains gas though or decent leaders of the district council, they want to get rid of our community we think – possibly a conspiracy theory that is being fuelled by conspirators from the council)- Phew!
    Kind regards

  3. Thanks for all that Cally.

    OK, first of all please take into account that this is a blog. My blog. That means it’s all my opinion. And maybe when someone says the words “popular Northumberland beach” to you, you immediately think “aah, they must be talking about Cambois”, but I’m afraid I don’t. I’m pretty sure none of my family or friends do either. Cambois may well be nicer than it once was, but the majority of people still think of it as a polluted beach with water that turns you green. I said it was the standing joke, I didn’t say “here’s a really hilarious joke that I just made up”.

    I have actually been to Cambois, believe it or not. I have friends from there. I am aware of the fact that you have cars and broad band internet. And of course my remarks are “exaggerated”. This blog entry would be pretty boring if they weren’t!

    Now can someone please explain to me why I’m defending myself on my own blog?!?

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