Taking multi-tasking to the extreme

I’ve been busy, busy, busy for the past few days, which is why I didn’t blog over the weekend or get round to replying to all the comments on my last post (bear with me, I will get there!) The weekend was fun, with a trip to Heidelberg and me cooking dinner for friends… one of whom I hadn’t seen for 5 years. I will tell you aaall about it soon, but right now I am trying to cook, hand wash some clothes and do the dishes all at the same time. I just wanted to leave a quick note to let you know I’m still alive and that the new job is still going well. I will return to the blogosphere as soon as I can, but not before the end of this week…

5 thoughts on “Taking multi-tasking to the extreme

  1. Amanda – thanks! I hate not having time for the blogospher… I miss it! lol

    sleepyjane – good to know 😉

    Welsh Girl – so should we be looking out for weird behaviour then? 😉

    hannah78 – pumpkin lasagne. It was delicious!

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